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crowe_smokingIt’s no secret that Russell Crowe has been trying to get in shape for awhile now. There were even reports earlier this summer that the actor had over $160,000 in exercise equipment installed in a trailer on the set of his new flick Robin Hood.

Anyways, continuing his personal fitness regimen, Crowe has taken to biking around Sydney, Australia. During one these workouts recently, the trailing paparazzi snapped some photos of the 46-year-old actor taking a break from a ride, smoking a cigarette and quaffing down some tacos and a soft drink. Gossip columnist Annette Sharp of Sydney’s The Daily Telegraph mocked Crowe’s new diet saying that “Smokes and fatty foods the fitness regime for Rusty.” Crowe was apparently offended by the quip and challenged Sharp to keep up with him on one of his rides. From the article,

In a story published Friday, the paper said Crowe’s spokesman called up gossip columnist Annette Sharp the next day and said, “Get on your bike. Russell wants you to go riding with him. Are you ready to die?”

Sharp accepted the challenge and the pair met a dawn for a 12-mile (20-kilometer) ride through the city. Video of the race shows Sharp struggling to keep up while Crowe zooms along unfazed. At one point, Sharp fell off her bike. Still, Crowe gave Sharp some credit, telling her she was a better biker than Australian director Baz Luhrmann. “You’re twice the man Baz is,” he said.

Ok, so Russell Crowe can kick all of our asses. We knew that already. However, smoking and fast food are really counter-productive to anyone attempting to get into shape. Eventually, it will all catch up to him and then any 10-year-old on a Huffy will be able to pass him by. Just wait.

Photo credit: Hollywood Grind

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  • erin

    He’s fortunate that he has good genes.. He can get into shape quickly if he’d give up the smokes and crappy food. Imagine if he ate vegan (raw would even be better ;) he’d be fit in no time! :)

  • Eric

    Considering the natural effects of aging, no matter how healthy you eat (sorry rawtards), eventually all of us will be bypassed by a 10 year old on a Huffy.

    A huge part of health is being happy, and if smoking and eating fatty foods makes him happy, then I say go for it.

  • odograph

    I don’t know … I went for a mountain bike ride this week, got home, and plugged it into my fitness calculator … 1200 calories for the ride? And I’d only eaten 500 so far that day? Maybe I should head out for tacos.

    (Cigs are something else, of course)

  • RemyC

    They don’t give Director Ridley Scott enough credit…

  • macca

    Let’s correct a few gossipy half truths. Crowe just turned 45, not 46. All action film productions contract for fitness equipment, to help keep actors limber and fit during long shoots. He’s been biking for years and was not on some “new” fitness program, only out for a lunchtime ride and was stalked by paparazzi, giving the gossip columnist some fodder for a story . While out for his bike ride, Crowe stopped at a Mexican restaurant that claims to serve only healthy food. According to them, he had a couple grilled tacos for his lunch, nothing junky or unhealthy.

    The whole challenge to the gossip columnist was a tongue in cheek PR stunt and if you watch the video of it, there are smiles all around, with the writer admitting she’d been hoisted on her own petard and that Russell was charming about it all.

    The ciggies are something else. Crowe’s been smoking since he was a boy and is firmly hooked. Of course he ought to quit. He admits it.