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PETA recently dropped a teaser photo for an upcoming “I’d Rather Be Naked Than Wear Fur” campaign starring Real Housewives of NYC star Bethenny Frankel — and we suspect it might have something to do with the NYC skyline. Then again, if PETA’s photoshopping wizards have their way, Frankel’s form might find itself into any number of odd scenes. Their last masterpiece with actress Nia Long was so terribly edited, that they even erased her bellybutton. Of this world, she is not.

But back to Bethenny. When asked by TV Guide why she became involved with PETA, the 38-year-old said, “I’m a huge animal lover, so it’s been a very organic process. I’m not on the top of any soapbox, but I think this is just a really interesting thing, and they came to me. They [noticed] that I’d gotten a lot of exposure lately—pun intended; because that’s nothing like the exposure I’m getting today. I guess they trust that I’ll be able to carry the message.”

Look for the ad to debut this coming Fall.

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  • VeggieTart

    Here we go again–more T&A from PETA featuring someone who probably eats meat, wears leather, and uses cosmetics and other products from companies that test on animals.

  • Melissa

    Yay for rampant sexism to get the word out! /sarcasm

  • Erica

    Save an animal from torture and humiliation:
    Put your clothes back on

  • herwin

    Veggie Tart, so you are saying that anybody who eats meat cant make a sincere protest against Fur ?
    maybe she eats meat (we dont know, right?) but she also doesnt wear fur, so she has the moral right i think to make a sincere protest against the cruelties of fur.

  • VeggieTart

    No, I’m just tired of PETA using famous women to pose naked as a publicity stunt and then it comes out that that person isn’t really an animal rights activist, she just wants more exposure.

  • Whoever…

    Actually the background in this picture is so much more interesting…


  • angel one

    Yes BF eats meat (followed by laxatives) there are recent photos of her at a rib contest. She is also a race horse junky which is anti-PETA. By the way, did PETA run out of celebs who would participate? Why else are they searching the gutter?
    BF is one step away from being a porno “thing” (she’s no star) one day she’s doing some B-rated movie where she is topless during the entire film then she gets drunk at her own Hampton book signing and bends over and yanks her skirt up (wearing no underware) for photographers to take pictures (see TMZ) Of her dimpled bare a-ss.
    She writes some lame book claiming to be a diet expert but fails to disclose that she has an eating disorder and promotes laxatives as her “favorite” must have.
    One minute she’s slamming Martha Stewart next it’s Gwyneth Paltrow and today it was Rachel Zoe. BF is bitter because she can’t get a cooking show… other than on a hard porn network.

    Most decent people realize she’s nothing but a pathetic wannabe who pretends to have some successful baking business that doesn’t exist, other than in her apartment kitchen and big head. By the way, she’s been bragging about this nasty photo shoot for months – I guess she was too busy to get off her knees to get a spray tan. Who would pose with panty lines? So nasty. She’s nothing but trailer trash.

    • anonymous

      They’re flesh colored panties. My only objection.

  • RemyC

    How about a PeTA photoshoot with women wearing clothes, sustainable designer clothes!

  • herwin

    okay Veggietart, now i understand better and + 1. nothing wrong using a famous person who still eats meat but has some sincere animal rights fibers in her body, but unfortunately sometimes Peta doesnt care if a famous person has any sincere compassion. personally i am still shocked that peta knowingly used Fur Scum Dita Von Teese for one of their adds. she doesnt wear fur occasionaly, no way, she is passionate about fur.,,20068762,00.html