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If SIGG’s first apology plastered all over their website wasn’t enough for you, CEO Steve Wasik is reaching out again — and this time, he’s letting us know how the company plans on being 100% transparent with customers.

Wasik posted a personal article on The Huffington Post yesterday offering more apologies in the face of rising backlash against SIGG’s failure to disclose the presence of BPA in its liners. “I am writing to apologize,” he said. “As Chief Executive Officer of SIGG, a leading maker of reusable water bottles, I made a mistake when I decided not to announce that our old bottle liner contained trace amounts of bisphenol A.”

Wasik then goes through the motions of describing what SIGG has learned as a result of this failed disclosure — concluding with some immediate steps for resolution:

We will:

>>Post details about the contents of our bottles: the new liner, the cap, the bottle itself. And we will make the information as transparent and understandable as possible.

>>Make it easy for consumers to exchange their old bottles for new, BPA-free SIGGs. You can still ship your old SIGGs to us via our voluntary exchange program. Or if you prefer to avoid shipping costs and lead time, you can make the exchange at your local SIGG retailer, most of whom are participating in the program. To make it easy, we will post on our website a list of these retailers.

>>Unveil an independently managed grant program to help fund BPA and chemical research that will help eliminate confusion and concern about this issue. While we have moved away from BPA in SIGG products, it continues to be used in countless products that we all use each day. If it poses a real threat, we want to help curb its use.

Though an apology may not be enough for some SIGG customers (or as we saw this morning, business partners), it is a step in the right direction for the CEO to expand on the issue and let us know what steps are being taken to remedy concern. Trust, however, is a hard thing to earn back — and if SIGG wants to be around for another 100 years, they’re going to have to really adhere to the above new principles.

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  • Elizabeth

    The promise of transparency still lacks disclosure of the products’ country of origin. A company that is truly environmentally responsible must also consider fair, safe labor practices and the distances products travel before distribution.

  • Mark Anthony

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