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“How can coal companies think that it’s acceptable to have blown off over 500 mountain tops and dump the rubble into the valleys below, killing over 3,000 miles of headwater streams? Mountaintop removal (MTR) is happening in extremely economically depressed areas with the vast majority being in southern West Virginia and eastern Kentucky. In these areas, people don’t have a loud voice, or the resources to let the world know, raise hell and fight it…and these communities are dying fast.”

Daryl Hannah discussing the very serious issue of mountaintop removal with EMagazine. Earlier this summer, Hannah was arrested during a coal mining protest for “obstructing and impeding traffic in front of a Massey Energy mine in Raleigh County.” Massey Energy is basically the devil and we’re pleased as punch to see people standing up against them.  To read the entire interview visit!

  • carrie

    Massey is not the devil you ignorant asses! If not for Massey’s coal, you wouldn’t be on the internet right now. Let me spell it out for you in case you’re not familiar with how it works….coal = energy = power to operate your homes = power to operate devices within your homes. Geez…get a job and do something worthwile.

  • person

    Truth is spoken and you can’t stop it !
    The rest of the world is watching you people
    destroying nature for personnal wealth !
    We are in a global responsible stand to protect life on this planet
    of ours. Respect animals shelter and territory;