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This is perhaps the strangest thing I’ve seen all day. Nevermind, all month!

Last week at the Daytime Emmy Awards, The Young and the Restless star Stacy Haiduk accessorized her outfit with a cat purse.

On the show Haiduk plays a “dangerously unhinged” character and one of her co-stars is a cat named Kitty.

She told earlier this summer, “I have three cats. Every night when I’m reading my scenes for the next day, I rehearse with my cats on my bed. [Laughs] It’s pretty fun. The whole Y&R cast jokes about Kitty. We love her.”

Okay? I don’t really know how to close this one out, but I just knew I had to share.

Comment below and tell us what you make of all of this. Creepy fashion accessory or clever way to get written up on all the blogs?

[Update: According to the New York Times: “The stuffed cat, which was once someone’s living pet, should be familiar to “Y&R” fans — it is the famed “Mr. Kitty,” that was Haiduk’s co-star for the last three months.” Thanks to Erin for the tip. ]

  • Stephanie

    Is that cat alive or dead?

  • Michael Parrish DuDell

    It’s a fake cat. Creep central, right?

  • alex

    What do you mean a fake cat? A toy made of real fur?

  • erin raw foods

    I hate to be the one to make the possible correction and do hope I’m wrong, BUT from what I’m reading it’s a “prop cat” which is a stuff cat (which has undergone taxidermy- hence the realistic look – a “fake” cat wouldn’t look so real…) I hope I am wrong but from what appears in other articles it’s actually a DEAD cat (God I hope that’s not right)


  • Michael Parrish DuDell

    I’ll be honest – I’m confused about the whole damn thing.

  • erin raw foods

    Even NY Post is reporting it’s a stuff (dead) cat.

    I’m afraid they’re correct.



  • jamie lynn

    “dangerously unhinged”

    yep, that about sums it up…

  • erin raw foods

    Here are quotes on the NY Post BY Stacy Haiduk talking about how the cat used to “be someone’s pet” and is dead and stuffed now… Yes sad but real :(

    Weird thing is I can only get the cached copy to post on here but it JUST came out today

    Erin :)

  • erin

    duh finally the right link

    The stuffed cat, which was once someone’s living pet, should be familiar to “Y&R” fans — it is the famed “Mr. Kitty,” that was Haiduk’s co-star for the last three months.

    “It was for the fans,” she says. “I feel that this cat was somebody’s lovely, beloved animal. They loved him so much they had him preserved, and I thought since Mr. Kitty has had such success on the show, he deserved to be at the Emmys.

    (End of quote)

    I actually cannot eat my lunch now… :(

  • hil

    What I’m wondering is if it was someone’s pet that they had preserved…how did Y&R get it? Wouldn’t the person that wanted to preserve their pet (kinda creepy but not my place to judge ;) keep their preserved pet?

  • s

    wtf!?!?!?!?!? poor kitty! :(

  • Melissa

    It is creepy, but it’s not like the cat was killed just for this purpose like for a fur coat or something. It died of natural causes and then was taxidermied (is that a word?). Again, creepy, but not really upsetting, IMO.

  • Heather

    Horribly creepy… If the cat is a purse is she storing things in it?!? Like her red lipstick… Can’t quite wrap my mind around this one. Just wrong if you ask me.

  • Whoever…


    Both the fact that people stuff their pets after they die (imagine if people started doing the same to their dead relatives…) and that this cat’s cadaver was used as a fashion accessory!

    • Mischa

      It’s been done, I hate to say it but it has.