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A new airport-themed PETA commercial has debuted featuring some familiar friends of the organization — but don’t expect to be seeing this one in the terminals. Yet.

The ad stars Pamela Anderson as a scantily clad airport security guard who strips passengers of leather, fur, and other animal skins. The commercial has been deemed too racy to run by CNN Airport Network. The quirky commercial, titled “Cruelty Doesn’t Fly,” also features comedians Steve-O, Andy Dick, and Carol Leifer, a pair of nude models, and German punk icon Nina Hagen.

Apparently, CNN was worried that kids might see the ad — which features some stripping, nude models’ derrieres, and some playful kissing. PETA, however, isn’t deterred and is attempting to court Virgin airlines to hopefully run with it. Check it out below:

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  • Livin Veg

    Can I please just say how absolutely sick I am of women (and some men) stripping for animal rights. We’re the only cause where people feel like taking their clothes off is activism. Sure it gets some views. But it doesn’t exactly make people take us seriously. Keep your clothes on!

  • Gina

    Livin Veg makes a good point.

    Of course PETA’s not deterred-this is how they roll! If it wasn’t going to create controversy they wouldn’t have bothered.

  • VeggieTart

    I’m sick of it too, Livin Veg. It’s one reason I no longer support PETA.

  • Niranimal

    I love this Ad! It’s hilarious!!!

  • Jorgen

    Haha, I love the UCLA shirt that the fur wearing woman at the end has on. Way to stick it to animal research labs subliminally.

  • Michelle

    ….um do you guys realise you have an ad for Ugg boots under this article, arent they made of sheepskin?

  • steph

    I think the ad is funny but could have TOTALLY been made w/out nekkid models and pam anderson maybe wearing skin tight PANTS and not just undies lol.

    I agree that they proly did this over the top for the controversy. A cute idea, but ruined …

  • deena

    Oh come on. It’s fantastic. I don’t mind nudity at all. Pammie is awesome! Peta does a good job at grabbing attention. If it changes any minds about fur and the rest of it then I’m for it!

  • Whoever…

    Okay, maybe it’s a little tiresome to see Peta constantly using nudity in their ads.
    I mean, can’t they come up with something different already?

    However, this ad is very well done and besides it’s not focused on nudity.

    Regarding CNN being worried that kids might see the ad, maybe they should stop being such hypocritical puritans (Merriam Webster on-line: 2. one who practices or preaches a more rigorous or professedly purer moral code than that which prevails).

    Why doesn’t anyone complaint about the Hollywood films that have nudity, violence and swearing…?

  • lucy

    Hahaha, I like it!
    People, stop complaining. Yes, I know Peta has some strange ways of getting points across. But if it works, why not? If it makes a few people stop wearing fur or not eat meat, then I don’t see what the problem is. :)

  • Matt

    Ugh. I really didn’t want to see Pamela Anderson do that.

    Really though. PETA’s a one trick pony. YAH NAKED EX-CELEBS!

  • jack

    PETA sucks!!

  • tony

    This is the reason people do not take animal rights seriously. I love animals but hate PETA!!!!!!! Stick to the facts morons



  • StarTits

    Always good to see some nice T&A. That’s what women are best at. Bravo to PETA for bringing us more p0rn. I would have like to see some leather whips though.

  • karmalily

    There is nothing at all wrong with nudity – however, PETA’s repeated use of conventionally beautiful naked or almost-naked women to get attention is horribly sexist. At least feature different body types if you absolutely have to use nudity. I can’t even remember the last time I saw a PETA ad that didn’t feature sex in some way.

  • herwin

    karmalily and whoever, there are lots of Peta ads with guys and without nudity and promoting animal rights from a nudity-free different angle. For some reason many people are focused (or “obsessed” ?) with nudity that they mentally block out all the other adds from Peta.

  • ketchfish

    Cute ad. I raised 6 kids and wouldn’t have had any problem discussing a couple bared bottoms it to them. That said, I will continue to hunt, fish, eat meat, wear leather and fur, etc. It didn’t have any effect on my opinions choices. I won’t bother stating my arguments as no one reading them here is likely to be changed, and you know what? You don’t have to.

    I just figured I’d post an opinion on the ad from the other side of the issue. Keep making them, keep talking, it’s a free country and you’ve got every right to do so.