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If you’re a regular reader of the Razz then you most certainly know our pal Nellie McKay.

McKay is a singer, songwriter, actress and activist who’s latest album, Obligatory Villagers, is on our top favorite list.

Last year Ecorazzi featured an exclusive interview with the musician who told us to “please vote and don’t listen to celebrities because my toaster was just on fire about a half hour ago and my whole building didn’t know what was going on.”

McKay is once again encouraging people to vote (but hopefully staying away from the toaster) with her latest PSA endorsing New York City Council candidate Yetta Kurland.

Now we know that not everybody lives in New York, but Kurland is exceptionally awesome and we can’t help but showcase her greatness. A warrior for human, animal and environmental rights, Kurland has a long history of taking action for her community and we endorse the hell out of her.

Check out the video below to watch Nellie’s PSA and then visit to find out why we’re glowing.

  • West Sider

    How can she talk about overdevelopment when it looks like she’s sitting up on the High Line … the icon of overdevelopment?

  • David

    West Sider,

    Kurland has spoken out about the many problems with the High Line (in particular the fact that millions of dollars were spent on it, the fact that community needs weren’t taken into consideration in the building, and the fact that Amazon rainforest wood was used to build the benches in it) and is certainly not endorsing it.

  • West Sider

    I wasn’t talking about Kurland, I was talking about McKay. If Kurland has said what you said (and I haven’t seen that to be the case, and I am watching closely), then why is McKay sitting where she is?

    And forget the rainforest wood. That’s a red herring.

  • roxanne

    the group that masterminded the park, built all the chaise lounges, benches, bleacher seating and decking with tropical hardwood ripped from the jungles of the Amazon

    Quinn scored the lowest on the Human rights justice scorecard and scored a big zero on the humane scorecard.