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Cirque de Soleil founder Guy Laliberte is taking travel to a whole new level.

The animal-free circus creator is heading to the moon – making him Canada’s first “space tourist.”  And I really hope the peanuts on board are good, because the 12-day out-of-this-world trip is costing Guy a cool $35 million.

As part of a campaign for his charity One Drop foundation, Laliberte is calling the flight a “Poetic Social Mission, Moving Stars and Earth for Water”, and will present a series of performances in 14 cities in support of water conservation.

Heavy hitters Al Gore, David Suzuki, Shakira and U2 are stated to be involved with the production that will include music, dance, visual arts and photography – all with an environmental theme.

Still not really sure what to make of it? Neither are we. But we’re pretty sure it’s going to be awesome. To learn more about Guy’s organization, visit


  • herwin

    for me i am pretty sure what to make of it, its absurd that (the most filthy rich) people are allowed to waiste that much fossil fuels and unnecesary have such an astonishing CO2 impact on the environment for a touristy space trip.
    this is 35 million for a private ego trip under the banner of some “good cause”, i would like to hear of people disagree if i say these 35 million dollars could have saved very much lives by donating it to people and organisations abot water or aids, just to name some very urgent problems.

    • Silvia

      Cirque de Soleil does massive charity work including bringing water to all communities globally. $35 million is a drop in the ocean compared to what this man has contributed towards humanitarianism.

  • sheryl

    Cirque du Soleil isn’t animal free. Their show, Criss Angel Believe, uses live birds:

  • s

    seriously. how much CO2 in rocket fuel again? how many clean, new wells could that have built in Africa?? priorities, people!!!

  • erin

    Or how many homeless children could be helped right here in our own country (gasp!) what? we have homeless hungry kids here in America? Maybe he could help our own kids AND the ones in Africa… And the ones in whatever country he hails from (Canada?) 35 million could go a long way and I agree it’s a waste to go to the moon.

    Agreed it ain’t no eco trip, but an ego trip.


  • Joy West

    Wow & Awesome!! That’s unbelievable creativity being used to promote a cause. He’s not the reason for the fuel and emissions, he’s using a pollutive event for good. Publicity can reach millions of people and do more for a cause than just spending the money on a band-aid. He’s got the “Big Picture” and I’m looking forward to hearing more about the project.

  • LOL

    Wow.. wait so he is spending 35 million to go to space to sell tickets to a show that might break even to donate to charity? Would’nt it be easier to just donate the money?

  • trugger

    Going to the moon? Umm, no. Try again.