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Another one comes to the light!

World-renowned designer Victoria Bartlett is teaming up with the HSUS to help spread the word out about the super evil fur industry. HISSSSSS!

On Saturday, the HSUS will sponsor Bartlett’s Spring/Summer 2010 runway show where she will distribute literature, buttons and other materials to protest the use of the cruel stuff.

Victoria told the HSUS: “I am opposed to animal cruelty and the use of farming fur for pleasure. I would never use fur.”

Best news we’ve heard all day!

To learn more about why you should never, ever, ever, in a million years, not even if the heat is broken in your igloo, wear fur, visit!

  • Katrina Russo

    The boots in the third picture looks like a pair I picked up from shop dot com a few years ago!



  • Philip

    This just accurately portrays the joke and very sad joke that HSUS has become. The designer they are supporting as using no fur actually uses leather…huh?
    I’m all for ending the use of fur as it is disgusting and cruel…but HSUS should NOT be working with anyone who uses dead animal’s skin at all. Pathetic!!!
    If you care about animal suffering…
    Go Vegan not HSUS!

  • D.

    Agrees with Philip, this is absurd.

  • Michael Parrish DuDell

    P, D- I see where you’re coming from, but I think it’s so important that designers who refuse to where fur are celebrated.

    Of course leather is awful, but I think we have to recognize that getting the fashion industry to go cruelty-free is a process and designers that take steps in the right direction should be applauded.

  • deena

    Thank you Ms. Bartlett!
    About leather, until the world stops eating the cow… wouldn’t it be a waste for now to not use the skins?
    I mean if the cow were killed specifically for it’s skins then I’d be totally opposed.. but I’d hate to see the entire animal not be used if it’s killed for food.

  • Philip

    Deena, Michael, and whoever else did not really read or comprehend what I wrote. The point made above had nothing to do with not celebrating or celebrating the designer who opts out of using fur or whether people eat cow or not. My point was strictly that HSUS should not be celebrating anyone who uses leather. It sets a horrible example to the world that the largest animal advocacy group is that blind to say its all right to to support the killing of some animals and not others. RIDICULOUS! HSUS are the problem here.