by Michael dEstries
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If this doesn’t make you excited for the real thing, you’re probably part of the Japan’s bullshit “Institute of Cetacean Research” . In which case, I’d be afraid. Very afraid.

Now that Earthrace has its kevlar armor and has been sanded down, we’re looking forward to seeing the Sea Shepherd colors and logo next. Operation: “Waltzing Matilda” kicks off this December.

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  • hil

    It kinda looks like something from Star Wars…I wish they made toy ones to play with in the tub ;)

  • RemyC

    Check out this luxury super yacht shaped like a blue whale:

  • SvenAERTS

    When fundraising for Earthrace here in Brussels, I’ve asked one of the leading model-boat/car/planes producers and distributors how their business works and how about inserting a model of Earthrace. Seemed it was kind of an “honor” to have your ship in their worldwide published catalogues for model-boat/car/airplanes etc kits. Comissions on every sale… I got nearly kicked in the butt … if we wanted we could get some at reduced prices and we could resell them at Earthrace show-events e.g. but that was the ony way we were going to raise money with it.