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Get ready for an open-air farmers market near the most famous home in all the world.

With a little help from the first family, a nonprofit group called Fresh Farm Markets, has won approval for a city permit to close Vermont Avenue Northwest between H and I Streets to traffic for its newest market near the White House. From AP:

Bernadine Prince, a co-director of Fresh Farm Markets, said she did not know whether First Lady Michelle Obama would show up for the market’s opening day or whether any produce from the White House garden would be available for sale. (Eighteen local farmer producers will sell fruits, vegetables, pasture-raised meats and eggs, cheese and baked goods, she said.)

While the White House refused to confirm the extent of its involvement in the market’s creation, Sam Kass — a White House assistant chef and a former personal chef for the Obamas — did show up at a community meeting last week to offer support for the venture.

For those interested, the market will be open on Thursdays from Sept. 17 through Oct. 29.

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  • karmalily

    It’s so great that the Obamas are encouraging healthy eating and self-sufficiency. I would love to see more Americans grow their own food in organic plots, or if that isn’t possible, shop at local farm markets.

  • Get Technical

    Nice photoshop!

    You are the greatest farmer’s market illusionist man! :)

  • erin

    This is great! Wish this were in the news more (I can find it in only a small select number of articles) Instead I see the tea party BS everywhere (they’re revolting against overspending) I’d just like to know one thing. Where were they during the last 8 YEARS of the Bush Cheney reign….

    Glad to see the market though. Nice :)


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  • Republicant

    This is fantastic. I can’t wait to see the fox “news'” spin on it. ALERT!!!!”another sign of our descent into communism…LOCALLY GROWN PRODUCE IN THE WHITE HOUSE”

  • Elaine

    Love it! I shop at my local co-op as well as the farmer’s market so this makes me happy. And I, too, wish this news was more broadspread in the news, but we can all Facebook it, a good way to get this kind of info out.

  • jeanruss

    Sometimes I feel like Alice in Wonderland. While it appears that the Obamas are in favor of food through health, the President appoints Mr. Monsanto Vilsack as Secretary of Agriculture. Shortly thereafter, we get horrible food bills in the Congress that want to eliminate small farmers and give all power over our food to the FDA. You know, the same FDA that approves drugs that kill and maim people. We will have food police and harassment of small American farmers with the House-passed HR2749. I will conclude that this appearance of friendliness towards American farmers is phony and designed to make people relax while their access to local organic food is swept away. Everyone, please wake up. Obama is not in your corner.

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