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Who doesn’t love their week to start off with a little Duran Duran news? I personally start everyday with their 1982 hit Rio.

According to AFP, the “Fab Five” have agreed to join more than 55 world celebrities in recording a song to draw attention to the global warming crisis. It’s all part of a mass media campaign on the threats of climate change organized by the Geneva-based Global Humanitarian Forum, headed by former UN secretary general Kofi Annan. Titled, “Beds’r Burnin”, the song is a remake of the 80s hit with a similar name by the Australian group Midnight Oil.

In a sea of God-awful environmental songs (the most recent exception being one from They Might Be Giants), we’re psyched that this campaign is taking the easy way out with a song that’s already certified classic. It’s got the kind of chorus that’s catchy and inspires a wave of the lighter (or cellphone) into the air.

According to AFP, some of the other celebrities involved include French ‘Piaf’ actress Marion Cotillard, Senegalese star Youssou N’dour, Irish singer/composer Bob Geldorf, Chinese singer Khalil Fong, and even a Nobel peace laureate, South African archbishop Desmond Tutu. Heavy Metal band Scorpions are also on board.

The song will be available as a free download October 1st — after a public launch in Paris. Let’s hope it doesn’t suck. Check out the original eco-themed Midnight Oil below:

  • Martin

    Hmm, a celebrity fueled global warming song with Duran Duran? I think I’ll reserve judgment until if heard it but I share your hopes that it doesn’t suck! Mind you, the mention of Duran Duran has made me think about looking out some old music – a good bit of 80’s pop never does any harm!

  • Eco Sound?

    It’s ironic and hypocritical, that the ‘carbon footprint’ of manufacturing all the performing and recording equipment, and energy consumption of producing CDs and actually performing, never seems to make it into the final ‘green’ figures or lyrics of ‘green’ promos BS.

    • Sypin

      Actually, its a free digital download. No CD’s.. and recording a song is not exactly industrial factory work.

      I’m sure they’re all guilty of neglecting “carbon footprints” or whatever- but the song is to raise awareness-for Kofi Annan’s Climate Justice initiative..

      I’m not a fan of these guys- but at least I understand they are not trying to stop carbon emissions!

  • Saint Kansas

    Duran Duran’s serial abuse of aerosol hairspray in the ’80s is what got us into this problem in the first place.


    They cant even come up with an orginal song. This is a massive FAIL. When will you Hypocrites realize this climate change is nothing more than a giant scam on the worlds population.

  • raymee

    I am so, so, so moved….
    And the lunacy continues.

  • Sam in CA

    So, how will celeb hot air reduce global warming? It seems to me that it would make it worse, that is if it even exists at all.

  • Matt

    The ridiculous myth of global warming lives on… all you POP musicians, stick to making music, not promulgating fairy tails. To all you people who actually believe that there is global warming…find something actually worth your time to be concerned about.

  • Binkie Willie


  • Adri

    Simon LeBon might start by getting his wife to stop draping herself in fur every time she leaves the house. That might help.

  • Not Buyin It

    What fools these mortals be!

  • Not Buyin It

    Bow down and worship the Creator and not the creation!

  • wearetheworldnot

    Kofi annan? Please, this guy along with his son should be in a world jail!!!

  • Another Greenwash

    Yes, this will ‘raise awareness’ . . . of Duran Duran. Yet another cynical self-serving paltry gesture.

  • Jim

    I have lost all respect for Duran Duran and Scorpions! The last thing I care about or want to hear in a song is their inane political commentary!

  • diane emmerich

    I suppose they all jetted to this recording session on commercial flights as opposed to private jets…probably not. I don’t believe in this man-made global warming farce, but if it were true, the bunch of these narcicists bloviating their hot air to make this song didn’t help it much not to mention the carbon footprint from getting there.
    Maybe they should just do Mother Earth and all of us a favor and shut up and stay home…like I really would want to hear Desmond Tutu sing anyway, Not.

  • Vern
  • JWE

    Where’s the photo of the single CNG-fueled bus they all arrived and left on?

  • voidware

    Don’t forget the Scorpions are on the bill!!

    “Rock you like a hurricane… but zis hurricane is not like ze hurricanes I referred to ven ve vere almost relevant in ze 1980s. zis is a more dynamic, catastrophic hurricane because of all of ze fossil fuels consumed and electricity burned over ze last 25 years ve celebrities ver touring around ze varming globe.”

    Has a nice ring to it, Claus. Rock on.

  • Gina

    Interesting…I love Duran Duran though-that’s what growing up in the 80’s will do for you. Sadly, I don’t see this being the sensation that “We are the World” was back in the day.

  • sTEVE


  • krissy

    The new lamb of God- Wrath album has some pretty bad ass global warming songs.

  • s

    some has-been singing a song nobodys ever heard of is not going to cure global warming. if they really cared, they’d use less hairspray, eh?

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