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Rising Hollywood star Isabel Lucas has pulled out of an upcoming animal rights documentary citing irreconcilable difference with co-star Elissa Sursara. Titled Rights Revoked, the film explores the links between animals and fashion, cosmetics, food and entertainment.

Back in July of last year, we were psyched to see these two collaborating on bringing such a film to the masses, but now it appears that Lucas couldn’t handle sharing the camera with her former housemate and best friend. From the article,

“The 24-year-old booming actress cites brewing on-set tensions and personal discomfort for her decision, while Sursara remains on board for the project, something fans of Lucas’ congratulate her for. Said one comment on a subsite, ‘I commend Elissa for sticking to her passion for animals and not backing out like a baby.'”

Completely agree. For someone like Lucas — who regularly fights for the rights of whales and other animals — to pull out of an important documentary just because she’s not into her co-star sounds like a classic prima donna in training. For her part, Lucas said she was concerned about the welfare of the documentary first, saying the tension might  affect their charitable work, “Particularly if we are filming things that may trigger anger and other messy emotions.”

Dear Lucas: Get over it.

Rumor has it Animal Planet might be interested in airing the doc once completed sometime in 2010.

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  • jayden of australia

    She gets a 15 minute gig in a 2 and half hour movie and suddenly she believes herself to be a Hollywood star? Not likely. Her new films aren’t going to sky rocket her either, so the attitude is not warranted.

    Animal rights are far from a breezy topic and filming an animal rights documentary has nothing to do with being comfortable. It’s not about her – at all – it’s about ANIMALS.

    At least Elissa Sursara – who might I just add, I have seen in real life (the pictures of her online are of model Katarina Vargos mistakenly) and she is far more beautiful than Isabel Lucas – is not backing out because of these ‘tensions’ and is ready to film and make a difference.

    We have no details of what this fight is about, but it would appear to me that Isabel Lucas is the one with the inflated ego, the one with the attitude problem and she is probably the REASON for the argument herself.

    With an attitude like hers, its suprising Elissa Sursara isnt the one to have pulled out.

    Oh, that’s right, she didn’t. Because she is mature and doesn’t put her own personal discomfort before the animals. A true hero.

    Down with Isabel.

  • Dr. Rosset

    If this documentary is all about emotion and no facts then it will do more damage to the field of documentary journalism. Animal rights need to acknowledge that human beings are omnivores and as such growing children and pregnant women must eat meat to maintain a healthy fetus. We have seen so many malformed and under nourished babies and children that it is becoming a crisis in the US. A strict vegan diet can and will do irreversible damage to ones internal organs over the long haul. Moderation and exercise are the key to health. 1 out of every 5 adults will become or is already gluten intolerant and cannot digest food from common grains or soy. These biased documentaries are doing damage to our children and to our population as they attack our food supply. We need a documentary on nutrients and the need for animal protein to grow healthy children and babies. Chet Day a well know vegan leader has written about the dangers of a strict vegan diet and he recommends against it .

  • Suasoria

    I’m sorry, “Dr.” Rosset, but you are egregiously misinformed. Even if you weren’t, your definition of a “crisis” is laughable. Less than a half a percent of the country is vegan. Yet almost 40 percent of Americans die of cardiovascular disease – a side effect of a high-fat, low-fiber, meat and dairy-based diet.

    I suggest you take your scare tactics elsewhere.


    Dr. Rosset, a vegan diet is proven by nutritionists to be far better for health, both short and long term and can infact, lengthen life, appearance of skin, hair and nails and even increase energy levels as well as promote natural weight loss (by a make-shift detox of the body) considering the vegan person in question follows the vegan diet correctly. It is a difficult (well, to some) diet to follow and must only been embarked upon should it be followed perfectly. You must eat the right amount of things in order to get the same protein etc that you would from fish and other animal products.

    It has been proven that a vegan diet vs a carnivore diet prevails in terms of health benefits, but only if it is followed correctly.

    Faux-vegans (16 year olds following a trend) are of course going to suffer health wise. These “vegans” are not the vegans in question.

    You are wrong to say it is a crisis and to generalize vegans are unhealthy in comparison to a person who eats animal products when infact, diligent vegans are far healthier than you could ever hope to be.

    You follow an easier, less ethically aware diet and seem to know little to nothing about proper nutrition. If you fire back and claim you are a nutritionist, then shame on you for promoting your way as the only way as it seems you would only do this to make yourself feel better about your lack of consideration for other creatures.

    Not to say people who consume meat are selfish. I am not an extremist.

    But to ridicule a vegan for their choice and to praise your own in comparison is an awful thing to do.

    Do your research.

  • Native Woman

    OK…let me work through this, Mr./Ms. Rosset.

    You think there are a “lot” of malformed babies.

    You think this is because of vegetarian diets.

    However, vegetarian diets are an extremely small minority. Meat-heavy diets are much more common.

    So you think the vegetarian diets logically explain the malformations HOW?

    Logical reasoning is your friend, for reals.

  • Erica

    It’s your own choice of what you want to eat. And the more you know about your food, the better for your body and the animals.
    For instance, yes a meat-based diet is unhealthy. Meat-based. As in, focusing on meat. Eating nothing but meat with scant amount of vegetables. Having a small portion of meat a meal a day is not unhealthy, however. As for vegetarian/vegan diets, keep in mind that the only complete protein is soy. So, unless you eat soy with every meal or do extensive research to plan each and everyone of your meals, you are not guaranteed a protein-rich diet.
    It’s your personal choice. I don’t care. If a child wants to go vegetarian, support them and make sure they remain healthy. But forcing a vegetarian/vegan diet on kids- who are already stubbornly resistant when it comes to eating animals- is violating the child’s rights.
    Speaking of scare tactics, if animal rights continues to go in the go-veg-or-bust direction, it won’t get very far at all. We should be improving the lives of farm animals.

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