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SDW-000739I know that’s a strange headline, but let me explain.

Jessica Simpson recently witnessed her maltipoo Daisy attacked by a wild coyote. On her Twitter, Simpson writes:

“My heart is broken because a coyote took my precious Daisy right in front of our eyes. HORROR!”

But here’s the thing: Jessica thinks that perhaps the tiny dog escaped and is asking anyone with information to email her at She is offering a reward to anyone who helps find the pup.

As evidenced by the picture posted here, Jessica is fairly avid fur-wearer. Perhaps this experience will help her make the connection between the animals we love and the animals we wear. They each experience pain the same way.

We know how hard it is to lose a pet and send our deepest condolences to Jess.

thanks to erin for the tip!

  • Emily

    Awww, poor lil’ Daisy. (Sadly, I would think that this horrible event will make Jessica even MORE likely to feel comfortable wearing fur, at least coyote fur.)

  • Erin

    hmmm Emily I didn’t think of it that way.. Yikes that could happen :( She’ll hate animals more (and many associate “wild” animals with furs – like someone shoots them in the wild and voila… it’s a coat! (doesn’t work like that)

    While I feel VERY sorry for her dog.. That he was born a poor designer dog who was bought by Ms Simpson I have a hard time feeling sorry for someone who neglects her dog. If it had been on a leash the coyote could not have carried it away…

    Granted it could have happened in a fenced back yard, but the coyote would have had to jump the fence. This happened to my neighbor in L.A. (white picket fence) and those coyotes are hungry and starving and desperate) but somehow I have the feeling the girl who wears “Real women eat Meat” shirts was being negligent…


  • Erica

    I only have one thing to say to her:
    Never leave pets outside unattended. Maybe she’ll learn the next time she gets a dog.

  • Stephanie

    Let’s not kid ourselves. Jessica Simpson is not smart enough to make the connection between loving her dog and being compassionate to other animals. She also doesn’t seem very compassionate. I don’t understand how people can love their “pets” so much but wear other animals or eat their flesh. Jessica might not even know the horrors that go on in the fur industry but I doubt that she would stop wearing it if she knew what went on. I have compassion for the dog but not for someone who wears fur and thinks that “real girls eat meat”.

  • gary g

    I am sometimes amazed by the lack of love, care and understanding by some of the people on this earth. I do not know one single song of Jessica Simpson’s, I have no reason to write this way except of love for another human being. You know the kind of love Jesus commanded us to have one for another. I pray the God will grant her the desires of her heart and that she will find her puppy well and alive. I pray that he will comfort her heart and bring her peace. You know this must be similar to what God ecperiences when one of His children hs been taken captive and run off with by His enemy.

  • Renee

    That wild coyote has more right to live than an inbred designer dog. It is us living in the coyote’s territory; I’d say her dog was fair game.

  • VeggieTart

    Well, the disconnect she has between loving her dog and wearing the fur of another animal or eating the flesh of another animal is one that is all too common.

    If she gets another dog, I hope she is smart enough not to leave him/her where predators can attack.

  • erin


    That post was classic! I love it and so true! VT- not surprisingly Selfish simpson has more designer dogs left (she’s just like Paris Hilton) so soon they’ll probably be tasty morsels for the local starving coyotes whose land she’s treading on if she doesn’t become more careful and cautious (which she won’t)

    I’m not even touching the Jesus post. I know he’d be against designer dogs too and rooting for the starving coyote :)


  • erin

    OMG I just read this!

    (released 2 hours ago) She’s still looking for her dog and bothering thousands of her neighbors with emergency respnse phone calls… She said despite the fact the “aholes” she is still holding out her dog is alive (despite the fact she saw it in a coyote’s MOUTH)

    She really is a freaking idiot. I wish the coyote would have taken her away and left the dog. Sorry I have no tolerance for ignorance. Darwinism. I maintain that the coyote dog (and her fur) are all smarter than she.


  • don miguelo

    At least the coyote ate her pet to live, not just to wear around its neck for the “glamour”.

    That said, I do feel sad about the event for her and her pet. I wouldn’t want to see my pet go out like that either, kinda traumatic. Maybe it is just a “show” pet and she isn’t the best fit owner- but that really could have happened to the best owner who loved their pet too. I don’t like her stance on meat and fur, not a fan of her music or acting–but that doesn’t mean I’m going to jump on the bandwagon here and pretend she totally deserved it. I think to do so would be projecting my own repulsion towards the Hollywood life onto her, which isn’t fair. I wasn’t there. She was there to see the dog get taken, so it wasn’t unattended completely. And she is trying to get the dog back within her community, that’s what I would do. Who among us hasn’t put up “Lost Pet” posters around town?

  • Whoever…

    Although I feel sad for the dog, I would be a hypocrite if I wrote I feel the same way for her.

    Apparently her heart was broken by this…

    Well, my heart breaks every time I see an ignorant idiot wear fur because I know how the poor animal was murdered.

    My heart also brakes each time I see, hear or read that one more animal species or ecosystem is threatened…

  • niki

    how do you know that is real fur? it could be fake fur.

    come on guys…stay with the topic. a little dog was snatched out of her yard..and eaten by a coyote.

    it can happen. i have heard it over and over. they can be snatched right in front of your eyes.

    yes, maybe she should have leashed daisy but how many of us don’t leash our dogs to let them out in our fenced yards?

    • Collette Whelan

      My little Sparky was snatched by a coyote while I stood just feet away, I watched horified as I saw the coyote lift and break my lovely dog’s neck and run away with him. I live in a dead end stret with no through traffic and pretty much almost no one leashes their dog inthis area – until this incident. I grieved badly for 6 months. Now my dogs have no freedom watsoever. I won’t make the same mistake twice. Leash you dogs whereever you are.

  • Erin @ RawFoodsRetreat

    C that is so sad. I am very sorry for the loss of your dog.