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Earlier this year we reported that powerhouse NHL star Georges Laraque had gone vegetarian after watching one of our favorite documentaries, Earthlings. In May, Georges said:

“I’m also proud to announce that I have officially become a vegetarian and will slowly work towards becoming totally vegan.”

Well the deed is done folks!

Since June 1st of this year, Georges has been sans meat, dairy, eggs, leather and all other animal products. He claims the decision was made primarily for political rather than nutritional reasons and says that, “It’s important to break the stereotype that all vegans are skinny people with long hair.”

Standing six-foot three and weighing 245 lbs, Georges is definitely redefining the stereotypical vegan.

“People still think it’s kind of funny, but I’m not doing this to be funny,” he said. “There are more puppy mills in Quebec than anywhere else in Canada, and no laws to shut them down. People get slapped with a fine and six months later they reopen. Do you think that’s funny?”

We certainly don’t, Georges. We certainly don’t!


  • pierre


  • gina

    It’s great when high profile athletes go veg or vegan because it helps dispel the notion that not consuming animal protein is “unhealthy” or will leave a person weak and lethargic. Just have to be smart about your food choices. Well done Georges!

  • mama herbivore

    going vegan for political reasons, not health…love that. the vegan team is adding members all the time. wahoo!

  • Stephanie

    This is great! I hate when athletic think that they have to eat tons of meat, eggs, and protein shakes. I am a vegan but my boyfriend is a meat eater and claims that he has to eat tons of animal protein to build up his muscles. lol. I also hate when people that all vegans are skinny hippies or overprivledged elitist white yuppies. It’s not true!

  • D.


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  • VeggieTart

    Excellent news! I hope he can stay with it and prove all those meat-heads wrong.

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  • Kelly Ellis

    This is really great. I was a vegetarian for almost 30 years before going vegan. It really wasn’t that hard. I should have done it before. I have lost some weight, but it was just the extra fat I didn’t need.

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  • Dino

    I play ice hockey and a vegetarian. When I made the “mistake” of mentioning this in the lockeroom once, I took a lot of heat (albeit friendly).

    I am an ice hockey fanatic and know well who Georges Laraque is – the NHL’s most feared tough guy fighter. No one beats this guy because of his height, strength, and the fact that he’s a lefty!

    In one of the most macho sports that there is out there, he is the best spokesperson any animal rights/vegetarian/vegan movement could have.

    Bravo Georges!!

  • sheila g

    doncha just love it when a plan works so well? he is getting healthy while saving lives, it doesn’t get better than this, what a fabulous human! now this is a hero for our children to emulate.

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