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Another Thursday — and for this week, we’ve partnered up with the generous people at PETA to giveaway three “Eat No Animal” tees. Of course, you may recognize this shirt as the one made famous by Paul McCartney in his vegetarian ad for the organization back in March of 2008. “Many years ago, I was fishing, and as I was reeling in the poor fish, I realized, I am killing him – all for the passing pleasure it brings me,” Paul wrote in the ad. “Something inside me clicked. I realized as I watched him fight for breath, that his life was as important to him as mine is to me”.

Want to win one and help promote the vegetarian lifestyle! Hit the fold below for more information on how to enter. (To view PETA’s full range of animal-lovin’ tees and other goods, jump here.)

How To Enter Via Twitter

1.) Join Twitter (if you haven’t already).
2.) Follow @ecorazzi on Twitter.
3.) At 3pm EST, we’ll send out a contest message. All you have to do is re-tweet that contest message and add it to your updates. So if we say:

“Follow @ecorazzi & @OfficialPETA and RT this to win: We’re giving away 2 “Eat No Animal” tees from PETA! 30th and 70th person to RT this wins!”
You’ll say:

“Follow @ecorazzi & @OfficialPETA and RT this to win: We’re giving away 2 “Eat No Animal” tees from PETA! 30th and 70th person to RT this wins!”

(Note: exact wording will differ at contest time.)

4.) The 30th and 70th person to RT that message will each win an “Eat No Animal” tee from PETA! (Feel free to enter as many times as you like — but don’t be annoying to your followers. Nobody likes that! :) )

How To Enter Via Ecorazzi

1.) Leave a comment below telling us how you’re living a greener life with regards to your diet! We’ll then pick one of you at random to win a tee. Comments will remain open for entries until tomorrow at 3PM EST. Please, one entry per person!

Contest Rules:

Must be 18 years of age to enter. | One comment per person per article. | Make sure the email address you use to comment is valid. | Giveaway is available to residents of the U.S./Canada only | Ecorazzi will pick a random number from a pool of numbers equaling the total number of comments. | Ecorazzi will email the winner and ship the product to the address provided in the commenter’s responsive email. | Shipping is on Ecorazzi. | If we don’t hear from the commenter within twenty-four (24) hours, we’ll go ahead and pick another number from the hat. | Promo is not available to any writers of Ecorazzi. | No substitutions for cash are permitted with these giveaways. | Winners are responsible for any tax consequences of winning.

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  • bonnie

    Vegan for 14 years! That’s one of many ways I’m trying to make a difference.

  • David

    I’ve been veg for 11 years and vegan for 7 years. I work full-time for a farm animal rights organization encouraging people to go vegan because it is by far the best thing we can do to help animals, the earth, and our health!

  • Summer

    In June, after a lot of thought and research, I stopped eating meat. It was much easier than I expected it to be and I felt amazing. A month later, I decided to pursue a vegan lifestyle. I’m realizing that vegetarianism is an ongoing education process – not only for myself – but also for those around me including family, friends and coworkers. (My husband was shocked that soy milk tastes better than “regular” milk!)

  • Pema

    I’m living a greener life by my diet by being vegetarian for 7 years and now being vegan and mostly raw since last year, as is my baby growing in my belly now! :)

  • Tara

    Vegetarian turning vegan!

  • H-

    I recently celebrated my “veganiversary” after 5 years of vegetarianism!!! I also volunteer at animal farm sanctuaries and educate people on their diet. In fact, I’ve “turned” three people vegan and 5 people vegetarian! :P

  • Tanya Ramseth

    I have been a vegetarian for several years now and have recently made the leap to full on vegan. My 2 daughters are also much more vegetarian than they think they are :) This year marks our 4th organic garden year and we were able to take great pride in the amount of food we grew in our own yard, so much that we were able to share with our neighbors! We also picked up the book “That’s why we don’t eat animals” recently spotlighted on ecorazzi and have been able to read it together and share with some of our friends. Hopefully we can get more people playing for Team VEG!

  • dutchess

    Vegetarian for 15 years. Vegan for six months. I am a major farmers market-supporter and I grow my own organic veggies to boot.

  • ocirrot

    I am always hoping to be able to influence others to adopt a vegetarian diet. So far, I’ve converted 5 people – hopefully more to come.

  • Barb Potter

    I love the tee! May I have one please?

  • Morgan

    Trying to support my teenage son’s 15 y/o girlfriend in her vegetarian efforts. She’d love the shirt!

  • Josh

    Vegetarian for life! About to go transition to vegan.

  • Jennifer P

    Eat no animal. Harm no animal. Party like an animal.

  • Stephanie

    Vegan for 3 years- since age 16. I’m glad that I went vegan young because I’ll save a lot more animals and have a smaller impact on the earth than if I had went vegan at an older age. My only regret is that I didn’t go vegan much earlier!

  • LJ

    I’ve been a vegetarian for a few years now, and I love to cook meals for family and friends. When they are pleasantly surprised by how tasty the meals are, it is an easy opening for me to suggest incorporating more meat-free meals into their diet without being preachy.

  • haley

    I am not vegetarian and never will be but I’m glad that you guys seem very happy with the your decisions! Pema, congrats on the baby and Summer, I like regular milk better because soy milk tastes like pancake batter to me. But that’s just me!:p

  • Michele

    Even if Paul McCartney doesn’t come with the shirt, so sad, I’d love to win this. I’ve been a vegetarian for 15 years, we organic garden in kiddie pools in our urban environment and I make no bones about the fact that I’m a vegetarian on my blog. Pick me! Pick me!

  • Michelle

    Vegetarian/mostly vegan for 20 years and raised two daughters who are both veg. Grow my own organic veggies. Host many dinner parties with non-vegetarians who are then inspired by a delicious meat-free meal. Have personally inspired at least a dozen of my friends to become vegetarian and it is a ripple effect as they inspire the people in their lives…

  • kelly g.

    My husband and I are both vegan, and my five rescue dogs are vegetarian-going-on-vegan (I’m still looking for a cruelty-free glucosamine/chondroitin supplement, which the oldest two take for their joints). We also try to grow as much of our own food as we can, though sadly our garden was a disaster this year.

  • Julia

    It’s so great to “see” so many veg*ns out there!! :) I am a happy vegan myself..I started a local Veg group in our very veggie-clueless region :) and our group is joining forces with the local enviro club. We will be starting a meat & dairy-less day (like MFM) campaign in our town and approaching the city council to ask them to follow behind the city of Ghent. Wish us luck!! :)

  • gina

    Vegetarian for 5 years and beginning to transition to vegan. I also do most of my grocery shopping at our local organic market. Would love to win the Paul McCartney shirt so I can give it to my 15 year old son who is not veg, but loves The Beatles! Perhaps Sir Paul could convince him?

  • @AmyGK

    My parents once had cow parts from an entire cow in their freezer. One day, in my 15th year, said freezer lost power, and the once-cow bled as it thawed. I was the lucky individual to find the ensuing mess. Tomorrow is my birthday. I’ll be 33 years old. If you did the math, :)you know that I’ve been a vegetarian for more than 1/2 my life!

  • AmyKirtay

    In order to keep my diet green and promote a healthy lifestyle, I’m a vegan and I’m also an avid bike rider. I shop at the local farmers market and the farm down the street from my parents house. I’m a yoga teacher have recently been teaching classes with themes that support green living (ahimsa – non violence, Asteya – non stealing etc). The yamas and niyamas can be applied to all aspects of our lives, including our diets, and give us a chance to re-examin our day-to-day activites. Its so good to see all the positive comments people have been leaving on how to promote a healthy, compassionate lifestyle!! :)

  • VeggieTart

    Summer–congrats on your decision.

    I’ve been vegetarian since January of 2002 and vegan for most of that time. My boyfriend has been vegetarian since the early 1990s. I’d give this shirt to him if I won because he’s a big Beatles/McCartney fan.

  • Pam

    I always try to buy organic and support local farmers by buying at local farmers markets direct rather than through large national chain supermarkets. I never, ever support brands which test on animals or practice animal cruelty. Would love to win the shirt!

  • Elaine

    I am living a greener life by not only buying my produce from the local co-op, but taking the bus to get there. I choose not to own an automobile so every time I leave the house my life is greener than those who are driving. Just yesterday I saw my neighbor driving by while I was walking and she pulled into a parking lot 2 1/2 blocks from her home! Is that crazy or what? How lazy can people be? Think before you drive, walk or take the bus.

  • delle

    vegan for almost 2 years, and a x-c runner in college (environmentally friendly sport!!)

  • Jennifer

    If you can live a long healthy life void of animal products, then most take part in the suffering and dealth of animals for the pleasure of thier appetite. I turned veg at the age of 15 because it just didn’t feel right to eat meat. I am now vegan.