by Michael Parrish DuDell
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If you’re a regular Ecorazzi reader than you must know about my “Top Chef” addiction. True, Padma Lakshmi’s on my list for doing those ridiculous Hardee’s commercials. Yes, Tom Colicchio sold his soul to the devil and now peddles Diet Coke. Correct, I can’t eat a DAMN thing those chefs make (and am morally against 99.7 percent of it), but for some reason I just can’t stop watching.  Lucky for me I’ve been given a chance to channel my culinary intestrests into something way radder!

On Saturday, September 26th, I’ll be a judge at the Veggie Conquest event here in New York City along with vegan bakery owner Amy Lynn Herman and restaurateur Deborah Gavito. Joshua Katcher from The Discerning Brute will host.

Veggie Conquest is a monthly all vegan amateur cooking competition where contestants create dishes based on a secret ingredient. At the event, judges and tasters choose the top dish and prizes are awarded to the favorites. Basically it’s the sauce!

Taster tickets are sold out, however  2 chef spots still remain. Think you’ve got what it takes to make a delicious vegan dish? Visit and sign up. See ya there!

  • pierre

    ha ha — that’s awesome. i remember when i first saw iron chef — it was the original with english subtitles. and remember the contest where the challenger was the chef for a Buddhist monastery in Japan? the secret ingredient was burdock, and he only used vegan ingredients. what did Iron Chef French use to prepare his burdock? Foie gras.

  • Robb

    Ahhhh Top Chef – agreed, I was a little brokenhearted that my beloved Padma sold out (I could care less about Tom), but with any good relationship, it takes forgiveness. Padma, I just need some time.

    On a serious note, the show could be a whole lot greener, though I understand it’s not fair to expect people to conform to my particular idiosyncracies…

    As a DC resident, it’s nice to see a Beltway presence on the show for a change though.

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