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On tonight’s Jay Leno Show, Drew Barrymore becomes the first celebrity to get behind the wheel of a tricked-out, track-ready, all-electric Ford Focus. It’s all part of the new “Green Car Challenge” segment which pits celebrities against each other in a bid to record the fastest times. The Leno crew even built a specially-designed racetrack outside the studio to handle the vehicles.

And standard cars, these are not. From Automobilemag:

In addition to swapping out powertrains, Ford put in Recaro racing seats complete with five-point harnesses to hold the celebrities in place and installed a full roll cage to keep them safe should they manage to roll the vehicle. Ford also swapped out the rear springs to deal with the extra heft of the batteries. Incredibly, the engineers only needed six-weeks to build Leno’s electric Focus.

A roll cage? Whoa. Who want to bet the legal sign-off on this race is a few pages thick? The engineers were probably thinking something like, “Let’s say Gary Busey gets behind the wheel of this car…”

The Jay Leno Show rolls this evening at 10PM EST.

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  • Sean R

    Sounds just like Top Gear.

    Guess Leno was watching Top Gear during his off time. Just another US rip off of a British show.

  • RemyC

    This wasn’t a rip off of a British TV show. Top Gear does didly squat about green cars except trash them!

    I saw this, it was a lot of fun… It’s good for Ford. Leno announced that the next driver behind the wheel of his orange EV Focus… to drive through a sea of party streamers, running down Al Gore & Ed Begley Jr. a la Death Race 2000 will be… Rush Limbaugh!!!

    I hope he invites Chelsea Sexton and Elon Musk… Bill Gates…