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Every now and then a blogger needs a break, and today I took mine today at Candle Cafe. Eight years ago, Candle was one of the first vegan restaurants I’d ever been to, and today it’s still one of my all-time favorites!

While chowing down on the Tofu Club I spotted Quatum Wellness author and friend of the site, Kathy Freston across the room. Kathy was recently included on Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed List and is constantly representing for all the cruelty-free fashionistas out there.

After a quick chat with Freston, I walked back to my table and noticed David Duchovny dining with friends. I know that David is an animal lover and it’s been whispered that he’s vegan. Wouldn’t that be the best?!

Moral of this story: if you want to see some of your favorite stars, just hang out at veggie restaurants. That’s where all the cool kids on the block go.

  • brad

    listened to kathy speak at veg fest portland this past weekend and she was so wise. being vegan or vegetarian is the only way to live. it’s that simple.

  • steph

    really need to go there to stalk…i mean….kidnapp…I MEAN…spot David Duchovny.

    I have been smitten with that man for most of my life XD I ask for him every Christmas, and i haven’t gotten my wish yet :P If he was veg, it would just make him super effin’ bad ass awesome. I have heard he is a lapsed veg though. Who knows, all i know is he is made of win.

  • erin

    I went there earlier this year and didn’t see any celebs. Of course I never look around enough.. (too busy look at the food I guess lol ;) I was the same way for eight yrs in la.. must look around sometimes


  • Nicole

    I saw David Duchovny at Candle Cafe probably about 5 times when I lived in NYC! It was always exciting everytime it happened, haha.

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  • Claudia

    Actually, David is a Pescatarian, which is a Vegetarian that eats seafood. :)

  • gwen

    Last time I was there I saw Woody Harrelson and Owen Wilson – great restaurant!

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