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Maldives ElectionsPresident of the Republic of Maldives Mohamed Nasheed is taking climate change seriously and thinks you should too.

Nasheed recently took to the Huffington Post to share his ideas about our growing environmental problems and to explain that “for the Maldives, climate change is no vague or distant irritation but a clear and present danger to our survival.”

He explains that in the Maldives, a sea level rise of even a few meters could ruin most of the country. Furthermore, the warming oceans could destroy coral reefs and leave the islands unprotected from the waves.

Mohamed suggests that the world must “wean itself off coal before 2030, and immediately end the deforestation pouring carbon in the atmosphere,” or we could see mass destruction.

We hear you, brother!

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  • Adam Rasheed Ahmed

    The Maldives first democratically elected president Mohamed Nasheed has been jailed & sent behind bars several time since he promote Democracy in MALDIVES.
    He always clime democracy is only system Maldives will get FREEDOM OF MEDIA, HUMAN RIGHTS, ANTI CORRUPTION & CLIMATE CHALLENGES with ECO FRIENDLY Life in MALDIVES.
    1-Anni from historian to a investigative journalist.
    2-Anni from Investigative journalist to a political writer & editor.
    3-Anni from political writer & editor to a opposition parliamentarian.
    4-Anni from opposition parliamentarian to a political prisoner.
    5-Anni from political prisoner to a political activist.
    6-Anni from political activist to a DEMOCRATIC activist.
    7-Anni from Democratic activist to a self exile leader.
    8-Anni from self exile leader to a an innovative democratic political party inventor.
    9- Anni from innovative democratic political party inventor to a party chairperson.
    10- Anni from party chairperson to party presidential candidate.
    11-Anni from party presidential candidate to the president of republic of Maldives after 30 years of a brutal dictatorship.
    Adam Rasheed Ahmed
    ex-political prisoner writer & editor.
    — Adam Rasheed Ahmed