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Newly-single Dancing with the Stars pro Karina Smirnoff is doing the dirty tango with PETA in a new ad against wearing fur. The 31-year-old put her fur-wearing days behind her after watching baby seals being clubbed to death. “I did wear fur, especially when I was little,” she said in an interview with the animal rights org. “But there are ways of being warm and being fashionable without being cruel.”

“You have a choice as an individual, you have a choice in the press, in the world, whether to make a statement that you do support killing animals or make a statement when you don’t,” she added. “And you can still be as chic as you can possibly want to be.”

Check out a short video interview with Karina over at PETA’s website here.

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  • deena

    Wow! Awesome body.. even better message.

  • kelly g.

    What, no Tom DeLay?

  • VeggieTart

    kelly g, not all the eyebleach in the world could wash away the sight of Tom DeLay–ewwww. It’s bad enough thinking about him fully clothed. And I’m sure he doesn’t care about the animals.

    So, how many more supposedly famous women will PETA encourage to strip down to protest fur? Considering fur has had an unfortunate resurgence, maybe they should change their tactics, no?

  • kelly g.

    Heh, agreed. Watching him gyrate to ‘Wild Thing’ was damaging enough.

    “My eyes, my eyes!!”

  • Erica

    We get it, PETA. FUR=BAD=NUDITY IS BETTER THAN FUR. Good Lord, find some new material.
    You know, there is actually a nice, legal medium between fur and nudity. It’s called wearing clothes, ad they can be both green and humane.