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If you thought Woody Harrelson was rad before, you’re really gonna think he’s cool now!

Woody refused to work on the movie unless director Ruben Fleisher agreed to meet his super green standards –including reducing his waste and electricity during production. Woody even convinced Fleisher to go VEG. As many know, Harrelson rocks the planet-pleasing diet, as does his co-star Jesse Eisenberg.

Woody also requested that his special zombie-killing hat come from a company called Real Deal Brazil which makes all their products out of recycled truck tarp.  We likey!

What do you think about Woody’s eco demands? Should more actors make these kind of requests?  Chime in and share your thoughts!

  • David

    Nice to see requests being about helping the animals and the planet instead of about getting a limo

  • Gambit

    Hell, I think that’s great. Sides I bought a hat from the same company, and i love it to death.

  • deena

    Gosh how I would love to smoke a bowl with Woody.

  • Mo

    The more I hear about Harrelson, the more I like him. This honestly makes me even more excited to see Zombieland on Tuesday!

  • Whoever…

    Actually I think all the actors should make the same kind of requests…

    Woody Harrelson is another celebrity who isn’t just concerned about making big bucks. He truly wants to make a change! And he doesn’t do it for the publicity like many others.

    He’s the real thing, just like Daryl Hannah :)

  • vrempire

    That’s really a role model for all earthlings on this planet earth. For this, I really recommend him to be Captain Planet if there is any film adaptation of that cartoon.


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