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“I know that I am in charge of what I eat and drink and my choices affect how I look and feel. I skip the sugary beverages and reach for milk instead. Milk is full of important nutrients and is something I feel good about putting into my body. I encourage all teens to help make a difference in the world and Drink Milk for a Change.”

- Jordin Sparks discussing her latest decision to team up with the dairy industry for the “Drink Milk for a Change” campaign. Sorry to break it to you Jordin, but dairy just ain’t cool! Besides the dairy industry’s super cruel rep, dairy has a HUGE carbon footprint and isn’t even good for you. We give a big thumbs down to this one!

  • don miguelo

    Hmmm, which caption should I choose?–

    “White moustaches on women is the new black!”


    “Forcing Mom-cows to be constantly preggers for years to make more milk –and then killing them for meat– is a cause I can get behind!”


    “Milkwashing saves more energy than Greenwashing?! Yayy!!”

  • VeggieTart

    What nutrients? Saturated fat and cholesterol? Does she not know that cows’ milk is FORTIFIED with vitamin D?

    Granted, sugary drinks are problematic, but at least they don’t have hormones, antibiotics, blood, and pus.

    • meerdutch

      I think is funny when people think they know about something, but they really don’t. Milk is fortified with vitamin D because most people know your body doesn’t absorb vit D well without the help of calcium. which last time I check milk had high levels of.(Makes bones stronger, less cavities, hair and nails.) Milk also helps rebuild muscle after the daily damage we do to our body working, playing, etc….. as far as antibiotics their is no such thing in the milk. Take the most sensitive antibiotic tap test and take a sample off raw or store purchase milk and see what you come up with. you’ll find nothing. why, because if a cow is sick the cow is separated from the herd (milk never goes in the same tank). Creameries test every gallon of milk picked up for hormones, antibiotics, yes and even blood. If these are found the milk its discarded and the producer is fined, and possibly the creamery will refuse to pick up milk anymore. The American government regulates the dairy industry heavily. what you should be worried about is eating that fruit, vegetables, chocolate and candy the come from china, Mexico, and other countries that aren’t really regulated. So buy American products and go to websites with credentials to get your info.

      • wikiderm

        I also think it is funny when people think they know about something, but they really don’t.
        Milk is fortified with vitamin D – true
        Because most people know your body doesn’t absorb vit D well without the help of calcium. – false
        It is the other way around.

        your body doesn’t absorb calcium well without the help of vitamin D.
        You are supposed to get vitamin D the way cows do – by standing in a field all day without your clothes on.

        But that will just get you arrested.

        So take our Vitamin D3 by mouth 1000 IU twice daily with food.

        Yes, I’m an MD

      • meerdutch

        hardly an error. since i wrote this in like 30sec.
        Calcium is needed for our heart, muscles, and nerves to function properly and for blood to clot. Inadequate calcium significantly contributes to the development of osteoporosis. Many published studies show that low calcium intake throughout life is associated with low bone mass and high fracture rates. National nutrition surveys have shown that most people are not getting the calcium they need to grow and maintain healthy bones. (Just to back up what you said with vit D)Most people don’t work in the fields their stuck indoors in a small cubical. Not saying that you can’t Vit D else where, but milk is the best way to get most of your nutritional needs.
        in addition to helping the body absorb calcium, vitamin D also helps the body keep the right amount of calcium and phosphorus in the blood.oh and I have More MD’s on my farm then you probably work with in your hospital.

  • s

    campaigning for milk is better than campaigning for pop. you have to admit, it does have some nutritional value. like calcium, vint. D (even if it is fortified), etc. and also does not have that much fat if you buy skim. just saying.

  • steph

    uh…yeah…but there are LOTS of other beverages that have BETTER nutritional value and don’t involve the torture of animals and contribute (as much as animal agriculture) to the destruction of the environment.

    skim milk also still has all the yummy cholesterol….YAY!

    Not to mention a lot of the population have trouble digesting milk. even if they dont have full blow lactose intolerance…it can still have adverse affects on people who dont realize that the MILK is the problem.

    I think this ad is totally gross and irresponsible as the “milk helps you lose weight” which they were FORCED to stop say cause it was misleading. Yeah instead of soda drink this fatty, cholesterol filled garbage that is destroying the planet and torturing animals…that is so much better for you.

    OH! not to mention all the protein actually LEECHES calcium from your bones….which is why the TOP MILK CONSUMING NATIONS have THE MOST OSTEOPOROSIS and bad bone health over all.

  • Todd

    Weak, Steph (et al). Nobody forces anyone to drink milk. As for you being a martyr, you’ve obviously never been to any of the dairy farms near me. Or those around the country owned by relatives, friends, or colleagues. Stereotyping is such a lazy way to come up with data to support an argument, not to mention a horribly inaccurate one.

    • VeggieTart

      Fine. Name me one animal that a) drinks the milk of another Okay, besides some misguided cat caretakers who give their furbabies milk.

      And the idea that milk will help you lose weight is especially ludicrous when you consider it’s supposed to help a baby calf gain hundreds of pounds in a matter of months.

      Excess protein, especially animal protein, leaches calcium from your bones. In Asia, where dairy consumption is near zero, osteoporosis is all but unheard-of. Meanwhile, in the U.S., a cows’ milk-drinking nation, we have ridiculous rates of osteoporosis.

  • Whoever…


    Nowadays there are already alternatives to every single animal product!

    Have you ever heard of soy milk, for instance?

    Besides, most of the food today is fortified with this and that… so there’s no need to consume dairy products anymore based on the excuse that they have key nutrients.

    Instead of fighting the inevitable, maybe dairy farmers should stop whining (particularly in Europe where I live) and start finding alternatives like producing soy milk.
    It’s cheaper to produce (although extremely expensive in the stores – I wonder why…), healthier for people and the planet and it doesn’t involve using animals.

  • Nicole

    Bottom Line, the school kids should be reminded to drink milk instead of soft drinks. I am a firm believer that they should also remove all of the snack machines in school. We ALL need to eat and drink more healther!

  • maelstrom

    I quit eating meat 20 years ago and to be honest i saw very little difference as far as health is concerned but…when i eliminated dairy from my diet 8 years ago i saw immediate improvment! Angina? GONE! Chronic heartburn? GONE! Chronic fatigue? GONE BABY! I feel better in my forties than at any time in my life and it’s because i was allergic to milk and cheese and didn’t know it! How many rubes are there living life sick simply because they are allergic to the very things the “experts” tell them are good for them? Most people.