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The Goode Family, the much-anticipated, but poorly reviewed latest creation of Mike Judge survived 13 episodes on ABC before being canceled late this summer. The animated comedy revolved around a family obsessed with doing the “right” thing environmentally, politically and socially. Unfortunately, viewers weren’t really interested — with drooping numbers as the series progressed. Said one critic, “The first line of dialogue in ABC’s new animated series is, “Look who’s got elephant dung!” That pretty much sums up the show.”

Still, even though the series has been canceled, the creators aren’t yet ready to give up on a possible second season. After receiving the dire news, co-creators John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky wrote to fans saying they were searching for a new network and time slot. “A lot of people have asked how they can see episodes they missed and we will try and find an answer,” they said. “This show has been the…most creatively satisfying thing we have ever done and we look forward to continuing it. Thanks as always.”

Rumored hosts include Comedy Central of Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim slot. What do you think? Would you be interested in spending another season with the Goode Family?

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  • Yasmin

    I hope it will be played on another network. I thought it was pretty funny and unique.

  • Missy

    I loved it. I hope they come back!

  • Joe

    Didn’t really like it. I thought it trivialized the importance of the movement. It was an opportunity for deniers and non-believers to have a good laugh. I’m an environmentalist. So are many of my friends. We don’t dress like hippies and we’re not soft-spoken, timid people. I know it’s just a cartoon, but I still think it makes a lot of today’s environmentalists look silly.

  • Chuck

    I thought the show was very funny. I find it very interesting that a lot of environmentalists seem offended by it. I am pretty environmentally-minded, but didn’t take it seriously in the least. Most people realize that we need to take care of our planet, but there’s no reason to get all huffy about it. The subject matter is so ripe to have fun poked at it. And anything associated with Mike Judge is good. Just his delivery itself makes me laugh.

  • http://www.crystalmontoya Crystal Montoya

    I am so sad this show was cancelled. I really hope to see it somewhere else. I work at whole foods, I have a garden, I buy local/organic, I buy from fair trade certified, I bring my own bag 95% of the time and I have carried stuff out in my arms when I have forgotten them! I am a cancer survivor who knows all about chemical toxicity. Come on people – this was a FUNNY show! The Dog – OMG – Love the dog! Dogs should not be vegan and if you believe they should then you should do the dog a favor and make sure he has plenty of time outdoors or let someone else adopt him.

    • emily

      This was a pretty selfish thing to say. Dogs are omnivorous just like people. Meaning they can eat a vegan diet with no problem. You just have to feed them the right foods.

      The whole concept of the dog wanting meat is just to make people laugh.

      A person should not have to give their dog up just because they are trying to help the planet by not feeding them meat. how ignorant

  • http://www.crystalmontoya Dick Montoya

    Come on…my wife is all upset about this show. She’s been asking when the next season starts since the last one ended. You guys gotta bring it back – she’s frantic. I’d watch it too, it was funny.

  • krissy

    good it was pretty derogatory. what happened to mike judge ewww.

  • andrew

    Its so sad that this got cancelled, hardly anyone even knew it was online. This was ‘pee your pants’ funny.

  • vaedur

    I didn’t think it was funny. It was kinda stupid.. i was really psyched for it too.. I think people who say it was funny really just wanted it to be funny, but they even know it’s not.