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dbd61aba3dadd32ad3717158567defd8“If you would go to some of these huge farms where they raise veal, and they’re in these little cages where they can’t turn around and they can’t stand up, it’s so depressing. I went once when my son was 15 and he started to cry.”

“We always said we want to know how people treat everything we eat. And of course they get killed at the end, but during their life span they should be treated humanely.”

-Wolfgang Puck discussing animal welfare in The Gothamist. Are you surprised to see Wolfgang speaking this way? I mean he does serve veal and foie gras — arguably two of the cruelest kinds of meat — at his restaurants throughout the country. Chime in and share your thoughts on this quote. You can read the whole piece at!


[UPDATE: We made a mistake! Wolfgang Puck is no longer serving foie gras thanks to Farm Sanctuary. Check it out!]

  • herwin

    it is great to see that people can be openminded and meet and let themselves be informed and conseqently change their habits into less animal cruelty. a big thumbs up for mr Puck and a reminder that yes with good education we can change people.
    On the other hand visiting these farms and witnessing these cruelties first hand to the point that your son cries, one might expect a bigger change of heart. maybe to make a bigger step all the way into the Vegan Kingdom will be for his son to make..

  • Lucas

    This is exactly why animal welfare is a problem for the animals. This man, Mr. Puck, makes his living off of exploiting many animals for no other reason except pleasure yet he is heralded by animal advocates for his stance on animal welfare. Why exactly is that? What’s next, an anti-rape movement that starts honoring people who rape more humanely? Hey, at least the rapists enjoy themselves, right?
    Animal welfare means nothing other than making consumers feel more comfortable with consuming animals. Wolfgang Puck makes his living off the backs of animals and now he wants to cash in on the niche market of “conscientious omnivorism”. Yet he continues to serve up the corpses and stolen secretions of sentient beings without any thought to their true welfare (their interest in living without being exploited by humans), and because of doing so, he receives awards from the largest animal advocacy groups. This is hurting, and undermining, the causes of veganism and animal rights.
    His quote says it all – “And of course they get killed at the end, but during their life span they should be treated humanely.”
    Why is any animal advocate supporting this man?

    • Mylene

      Well said, Lucas.

    • Daniel

      Right on brother Lucas!

  • amber15

    WolfPuck DOESN’T GET IT!
    so many small minds and so much to do………

  • http://humanelyraised,cruellykilled veghead

    I think it’s sadistic to treat farmed animals humanely during their short lives so that they get used to the good treatment, and then send them off to the same unspeakable slaughterhouses that factory-farmed animals are dumped at so that these so-called humanely-raised and trusting animals are suddenly, unexpectedly and tragically rewarded with a horrific death. I call it 4-H Syndrome: give them cute names, pet and pamper them every day, and then send them off to die. Shame on you, Wolfgang.

  • VeggieTart

    And he serves dairy in his restaurants, which directly feeds the veal industry! And how many veg*an options are available at his restaurants?

  • maelstrom

    There isn’t a single slice of flesh served that didn’t come from a creature that lived a short life and that didn’t die in terror at the hands of a butcher. Anybody who thinks that people like Puck are promoting betterment for non-humans are ignorant or in denial. Get a clue.

  • Massimo De Marco

    These comments are just the product of ignorant extremists…
    You are the ones who need to get a clue….
    You know nothing of what this man does for humanity….
    Get educated and you will realise that Mr Puck is one of the most dedicated human beings in this Country to causes and charities….
    Eat your granola and choke on it……

  • sabita patwardhan

    Anybody who can treat animals this way is totally disgusting. Hope most children don’t lose their natural emphaty by hearing some adult saying that one is a loser if one cares and that life is about winning and money.

    Most most unfortunately a lot of children stop showing this emphaty as they grow older due to having heard adults of this kind. They don’t dare to speak anymore. Hope one sees more and more adults who not only care but show it by using consumer power and also informing others.