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In an attempt to create a little dialog from within, Trudie Styler has reached out to the more than 6,000 employees of Chevron living in the San Francisco Bay area and personally invited them to see the new documentary CRUDE for free. The movie, was the highest grossing film per-screen in the US last week, tells the story of the 30,000 Amazon rainforest dwellers facing down the 5th largest corporation in the world for the dumping of 18 billion gallons of toxic wastewater and abandoning over 900 unlined crude oil pits in the midst of rainforest communities.

In her invitation, Ms. Styler explained the impact of her experiences visiting Ecuadorian rainforest communities living with oil pollution and contaminated drinking water. “You may know me as Sting’s wife, and you may know of my work for the environment and human rights. You may also have heard my name mentioned as one of the celebrities speaking out in support of the 30,000 Ecuadorean citizens who are pursuing Chevron to clean up the pollution the company left behind in their homeland,” wrote Ms. Styler in her letter to the Chevron employees. “Many people will assume that you and I must be on different sides of the fence on this issue. But I don’t believe that. I’m willing to bet that you and I, and all of your colleagues, agree that everyone has the fundamental right to the life-supporting elements of clean air and clean water…I’d like to give you the opportunity to make up your own mind about what has been going on in Ecuador, and to consider how justice can be achieved for the people suffering there. I’d like to invite you to the movies.”

Should be interesting to see if any employees actually take Styler up on the offer. Granted, we’re not sure many would admit to it anyways. To find out more about the film and where it might be playing near you, jump here.

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  • Melissa Kay

    Crude seems like a really interesting movie. I wonder if it’s playing near me, doesn’t every movie premiere in NY?

    Melissa Kay Shop Star

  • Byron Garbles

    Most Chevron employees will see the movie anyhow and come to their own conclusions. There is plenty of internal dialog. Nobody is disputing that PetroEcuador has created a mess down there and it needs to get cleaned up. Chevron employees support the vigorous defense of the corporation against baseless attacks.