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A new video has surfaced on YouTube featuring Matt Damon losing his cool with Adrian Grenier during a PSA shoot for the organization OneXOne. It’s been known for months now that Damon would have a guest appearance on Entourage promoting his clean water organization — but we’re not exactly sure if this is part of that scene, a funny outtake, or something more serious.

Of course, many of you are rolling your eyes at this moment — simply because this isn’t the first time Damon has pulled off pissed off. Back in 2006, the 38-year-old actor made a scene at the end of Jimmy Kimmel Live when he was cut-off from appearing at the end. It was hilarious — and so believable, that some people thought it was real.

Anyways, in this clip, we see some of the actors from Entourage in the background — including Jeremy Piven (who appears very much in character) and Kevin Connolly. Grenier keeps stumbling over his lines for the PSA and Damon keeps getting frustrated and eventually blows up. The only thing that’s odd is that at one point Damon calls Grenier by his real name — and not his character’s. And Adrian asks at one point if he should do it as himself or as Vince.

Anyways, we’re going with well done, but fake. What do you think? [Warning: Strong language]

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  • Jane

    A longer version of this appeared after the episode of Entourage last night. It’s clearly fake to promote Matt’s guest appearance on the show next week.

  • Tech

    It looks fake to me. Another publicity stunt.

  • deena

    At 1:52-:55 looks like Adrian is trying not to laugh.

  • Morrissa H

    I think it’s sort of real. WEll, let me explain. I think that they were probably filming entourage on that set, having Vince participate in the OneXOne PSA. Then they filmed the actual PSA using Adrian. I know its been done before, killing 2 birds with one stone kindof thing. And Jeremy didn’t look comfortable while it was happening. But it could also be video taken the promote the organization via the media and internet.

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  • shilki

    Friggin funny!