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“Let’s say you’re a vegan or if you choose to eat raw food. Well, that makes you a little more conscious about what you’re putting in your body, therefore, raising your consciousness, if you will. And the same thing goes for being conscious about thoughts, your own thoughts, and what you’re telling yourself, how you’re living your life, how you’re creating a life experience for yourself. That is definitely going to bring in how the world shows up for you, and how you can see the world improve in certain areas, or how you could inspire certain people to improve their work or outreach and share a little more of life’s resources. There’s really no limit as to how far you can go, and hopefully, the concert we do in San Diego will continue to speak that message.”

Jason Mraz in a new interview with the HuffingtonPost. His last tour stop in San Diego will benefit the San Diego Youth Services, VH1 Save The Music, and the Surfrider foundation — among many other local charities.

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  • Erin @ RawFoodsRetreat

    He’s awesome. We play him at the raw retreat house and I’ve yet to meet a person who doesn’t love him (or his music)

    :) E

  • Cheshire

    What a total and utter crock of shit.

  • Scott C. Waring

    These guys rock. It is important that we all try to reach a higher level of awareness of life as we know it. Most of us ignore these things and end up missing out on something life changing. Life changing comes from within and can not be attained by money or fame. This guy is on the right track.

  • Katrina Russo

    I wonder if there will ever be a collaboration between Willis Nelson ( and Jason Mraz, they are both big names.

    Happy shopping,


  • Jessica C.

    “Vegan cookies”-The Mellow Show(saturday night live)