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American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert has reached out to fans in a new video thanking them for their support in helping raise more than $229,000 to support music and arts-based public classroom projects. The campaign challenge was part of a partnership Lambert had with the charity website — and involved almost two-thousand donations. “I am unbelievably moved by the generosity and resolve of my fans, who have donated beyond what I could have ever expected to help students around the country,” said the singer.

Look for Lambert’s debut album to hit stores/online November 24th.

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  • Marian

    What a beautiful young man you are… love the new look! So happy to help the students and teachers in the arts in your name Adam. Hope everyone continues to do so for this very worthy organization.

  • Jenn

    This is a great program and I love that Adam got involved and got all his fans involved as well. As a side note, does he look gorgeous or what!!

  • Adam’s apple

    Gorgeous in every sense. Wow! the new look made him hotter. This guy is really full of surprises, I hope his pandora’s box won’t run out with ideas. This might be his look for his upcoming single, hmmmm! makes waiting even more dreadful.