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Mad Men’s January Jones hit Capitol Hill yesterday to meet with members of Congress and discuss passing legislation aimed at protecting sharks. Jones became a spokesperson for Oceana’s Save Sharks campaign in early 2009 and has been passionately working with the organization to help pass the Shark Conservation Act of 2009. “We should be scared FOR sharks, not of them,” said the Golden Globe nominee.

“The survival of sharks and the health of our oceans depend on it. The United States needs to stand up for sharks,” she added. “Congress can do its part by passing the Shark Conservation Act.”

For more information on Oceana’s Save Sharks campaign, jump here.

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  • VV

    It’s great that Jones has taken up this cause and I hope she helps pass the Shark Conservation Act. Now, if only she could charm the pants off China and convince them to give up the hideous slaughter in the name of shark-fin soup.

  • Erica

    Good for her! About time a celebrity stood up for sharks.
    When I was a little kid, I was given a book on sharks, where I read about how the fishers cut the fins off and throw the rest of the shark back into the water to bleed to death. I never ate sharks(back then, it struck me as weird) and never will, but it was then that I realized cruelty to sharks did exist, and it was wasteful as well as disgusting.
    But still, shark conservation didn’t really hit me until I read an article in a conservation magazine about how the mouth of a river in Virginia had pretty much been depleted of its shellfish population because there were no sharks around to eat the cownose rays that were wiping out the bivalves. Trail of dominoes……
    Sharks aren’t my favorite animal and I would really hate to run into some of them, but they are nonetheless vital to our ecosystems.