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bobh“They all know that I’m a vegetarian now. I tried to keep that under wraps for a while. It’s different for everyone, but I always try to hit three basic food groups and protein is number four in my book. I’m wanting people to get their fruits, vegetables and their grains and that to me is a well-balanced diet. Yes, your body needs protein, but it doesn’t need as much protein as everybody thinks it needs. I’m just trying to get people to eat their vegetables again. I’m like everybody’s father in America right now going “eat your vegetables.” It’s so sad that in 2009, people are still scared of carbohydrates. It’s sad that people are still thinking that you’re getting fat from eating carbs.”

- “The Biggest Loser” trainer Bob Harper speaking out about his vegetarian diet. We mentioned earlier that Harper dropped 100 points from his cholesterol by switching to a plant-based diet and is feeling great! As somebody who’s addicted to “The Biggest Loser” in a pretty serious way, I’m beyond thrilled to hear that Bob is on Team VEG. Keep up the great work!


  • Lyzz

    He must do dairy… He was pushing the Yoplait yogurt pretty hard in this week’s episode. Unless he was just doing what had to be done for the advertisers.

  • Leslie

    They are contractually obligated to do those product placements.Even if they don’t agree with the product. I seem to remember hearing/reading that he does not do dairy.

  • Lou

    I have never before been so disgusted with an individual as I have with Bob Harper the trainer from The Biggest Loser who extolled the health benefits that the President projects with his White House garden, completely glossing over the fact that the President is an addicted SMOKER. Tell me Bob how you work that into your diet and exercise routine for your contestants on The Biggest Loser,and your clients.