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Earlier this week we told you Michelle Obama would be making a guest appearance on the premiere of Sesame Street’s 40th Season — and now, video has been released giving us a glimpse of her gardening tips for kids.

As the Vegetarian Star points out, TIME magazine has a hilarious take on the First Lady’s appearance on the show saying that she’s doing it only to “continue to spread her radical/Marxist/fascist message about planting gardens and eating vegetables.” Well done.

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  • rosa
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  • yolanda pittman

    i think its wonderful we have people in the white house that act more like regular folks. pdas not over the top but letting people know that they have a love and respect for each other is great. where do all the negative vibes come from get a grip and stop living in the past. yolanda powe pittman

    • Angela Green

      This was a wonderful opportunity For First Lady Michelle Obama it allows her to network and connect with young people. This is visually positive for all young people to see and experience what an accomplished Black Woman looks like..its positive for me because I see a part of myself in her which makes me strive to do better with my life

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  • Andy & Pearl

    Sesame Street has been a role model and inspiration to several generations of children and a joy to innumerable adults. Michelle Obama is a role model and inspiration to this generation of people from 3 to 103.