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Evander Holyfield is about to take on his toughest opponent yet — this time, outside the boxing ring.

The 47-year-old, who is still looking to retire as a heavyweight champion, is putting his sights on climate change — and turning his Atlanta estate into a renewable energy playground. “I guess I’m lean and green,” Holyfield told the AP. “I’m pretty much going to do all I can to fight against global warming. I’ll see what I can do to help and try to help other people who want to do the same thing.”

The four-time heavyweight champion is partnering with Global NES-Georgia to create a 40-acre solar farm, as well as a one-acre community organic garden. The total power produced with the new solar plant is expected to amount to produce approximately 645,000,000 (KWh) of solar power annually. “As a member of the boxing community and an elite group of champion boxers, I call on my friends in the boxing industry to take on this challenge too,” Evander said in a statement. “The failing state of our planet may be the toughest competitor that I have ever taken on but I am disciplined, focused and ready for the fight.”

This is a pretty incredible commitment — and I don’t think there’s another athlete out there (or celebrity for that matter) that’s been so generous in giving up their land for such a project. It’s little surprises like this that give me hope for the growth of renewables in this country.  We wish Holyfield the best in making his vision a reality.

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