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Wyclef Jean and the Timberland Clothing Company have announced a partnership to fuse product, music, and activism under a banner of “Earthkeeping”. The company, which has stepped up its environmental commitment over the past few years, created its Earthkeepers program to highlight people making a difference for the planet — and inspire others to do the same.

With Wyclef, Timberland is planning a series of urban greening events across the United States — followed by a trip to Haiti, where along with singer’s nonprofit (, they’ll build a tree nursery that will support reforestation efforts, and serve as a sustainable business model that can be replicated throughout the country.

To find out more about Timberland’s eco-friendly Earthkeepers line, hit the jump here.

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  • frantz celestin

    to whom it may concern:
    I am happy to see such an innitiative for Haiti. I would like to be part of it by any means.
    please to not hesitate to contact me for my help.

  • r4

    Keep up the good work Jean. I applaud your commitment for going green. People should take inspiration from this. Thanks.

  • Susanne

    Well, I’m disappointed. These shoes are made of leather, so they’re not earth friendly at all. Animal agriculture causes more pollution than everything else combined. These shoes are not for anyone who is really being a conscientious consumer. Timberland could do better, if they really wanted to.

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