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Oh Heather, how you warm my heart so!

Heather Mills recently visited NYC to help open a new space for the Hunts Point Alliance for Children (HPAC). The newly renovated office will serve as a community gathering space and center for distributing the over $1 million in vegan food products that Heather donated in 2008.

In an exclusive interview with us just last year, Mills revealed:

“I mean my dream is to ultimately build a manufacturer in the Hunts Point area because they’re looking for more green businesses there. I’ve got lots of plans and they’re all nearly there.”

Looks like Heather is serious about her commitment to the Hunts Point area.

Visit the Hunts Point Alliance for Children website to learn more about their important note.

[Editor note: This story has been amended to include updated information.]

  • erin raw foods

    I think she’s single Parrish. Granted there’s the age difference but you never know ;)

    Just make sure you have good prenup!

    Just kidding with ya. You know I love your stories and smile at your love for this controversial lady.


  • Marie

    Her restaurant is not super popular. She even said herself that it is not making money at the Hove location. Can’t be doing that well if there is no profit.
    The reports were that kids snuck out of this free place in the Bronx to get other food they had to pay for.
    Good luck kissing her behind. She hires people like you. Get in there and get a job before the cash runs out.

    • Michael Parrish DuDell

      Marie- I believe in giving credit to those who are out in the world making a difference. Heather has proven time and time again that she is committed to promoting the vegan lifestyle. I have no desire to work for her, only to share her accomplishments with our readers.

  • TJ

    Does anyone know where in The Bronx this is? I’d love to visit.

    • Jun

      Hunts Point Ave & Garrison…close to train 6

  • herwin

    next time i visit new york this will be number one on my Must Visit list. people like her are absolute true inspiations for me, they are truly great active vegans. Keep it going Heather !

    • Ann

      Bring a weapon if you visit. It’s one of the most dangerous parts of the City.

      • jose

        Ann you’re being melodramatic. The neighborhood is perfectly fine and has come a long way since the reputation is gained in the 70′s.

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  • Marie

    My post disputing her “successful” cafe was removed. If you are brave enough to write things on the internet you should be man enough to post the truth. It can be assumed you are on her payroll then?

  • Marie

    I apologize – you did not delete it. It did not show up on the first page.

  • Barbara

    You say you support her vegan efforts, but I am not sure I understand how you could support someone who has lied and cheated her way through life. She is a fraud. Does her being a vegan wash all her bad behavior away? There are other vegans out there that are much better people. Better to support them.
    She says that people who say thigns about her she does not like get cancer and tumors – is that a good person? She still insults her ex husband while he remains silent about her – is that a nice person? She lies about how long she has been a vegan to try to one up other people (her ex husband)- is that ok? She only became a vegan after she was married to McCartney. She said so herself while they were still married.
    What counts in life is being a good person – not being a vegan. She is using this to keep herself in the news. That is what she craves more than anything. Her charity is herself. She claims to have donated to charities before and after she married McCartney. Her tax returns either do not exist (interesting) or they show no donations at all.

    • Michael Parrish DuDell

      I never said that I support every decision she’s ever made, but I think that somebody who works hard for an important cause should be given credit for that effort. I’m not giving her a lifetime achievement award, I’m writing a short post on her donation to Hunts Point. I’ve chatted with Heather. I’ve asked her questions about a lot of what you mentioned and believe that the passion she has for charity and cruelty-free living outweighs silly comments she might have said in haste. At the end of the day I’m happy to support those who are supporting others.

  • erin

    I just hope she’s turned over a new leaf. Besides the silly comments I’ve also read that she also lied about doing that German Porn -which she did do) (and some say much worse) We’ve apparently all read how she lied the vegan thing (she wasn’t vegan and said she was- that is nuts) She also poured water over an attorney’s head, SAID she made contributions to charity but her tax returns said otherwise. The judge in the case said to her basically how he was thoroughly disgusted with who she was and what she represented (pretty harsh words- she was THAT bad) There’s a whole series of articles about that poor legless girl she promised to help and did a photo op with but then the family said they never got any money. Her husband (ex) was duped and in many minds she basically STOLE his millions of dollars.

    With that all being said if she’s turned from a psychotic heartless fake vegan ex porn ugly wench to something good then good for her.


    • Sherry

      Heather Mills is a lot of things, “good” is not one of them. Her husband before Paul put an ad in the paper telling Paul not to believe her, and please not marry her. She is a media “whore” and just because she says she is helping others does not make it true. Remember, she even tried to get part of Linda’s estate. What a nasty piece of work.

  • Eco Chef Love

    Please list phone number and the exact street address for VBites. 411 had
    no information for the business.