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Supermodel Miranda Kerr has released a new line of 100% organic skincare products — but so far, only one lucky outlet in Australia has got the goods.

Named after a type of meditation in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, (Kerr is a Buddhist) KORA will be available exclusively at Australian department store David Jones from mid – late October 2009. The actress, recently engaged to Orlando Bloom, reportedly was very involved in the creation of the formula, name and packaging.

In terms of other details regarding the line, we’ll have them available as soon as they hit the web!

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  • Jo

    Can someone please explain how a skin care range can be 100% organic? I’m familiar with the concept of organic food, but to use organic products in a skin care range wouldn’t you have to use preservatives etc to make sure the contents don’t spoil? Or use synthetic versions of the real thing. If there is preservatives and other synthetics in the formula, then can it really be called 100% organic?

    Oh, and I think you’ll find that she’s not engaged to Orlando Bloom. It’s only about the 37th time she’s used those rumours for her own publicity. Timely, wouldn’t you say, considering the pending release of her product?

  • mars

    I second to that!

  • She’s the Gunnedah Hobag

    Ha! Miranda’s so green that she’s recycled the name of her skin care line from the Kora Cosmetics Company. Hope they don’t mind sharing.

  • Bytch

    oh what a surprise, shes engaged just in time for her next trip to oz…. like she was last time and the 69 times before that….. yawn

  • Marika

    In order to make an organic product, there must be no genetically modified products and no nasty chemicals such as petrochemicals (such as those contained in soap, cosmetics, moisturisers and toothpaste). There are plenty of natural things that can be used to preserve things, such as citric acid, or actually anything with a naturally high oil content will act as a preservative because it will inhibit the growth of bacteria by causing damage to their outer membrane, thus killing them… so no… you’re wrong – it’s quite simple to make organic products… perhaps you shouldn’t be so ignorant before you publish your lack of intellect Jo

  • kt

    ur all a bunch of losers!!! miranda kerr is hot and succesful and ur just jelous that u are not and never will be! get over urselves!

  • Jay

    Miranda Kerr,
    We know you love taking your clothes off but please for the love of god think of the children….. lol… I know i know if i dont like it dont look but its hard when she is plastered all over the internet and my ex-favourite store DJs.

    • Mekela

      If you’re referring to taking her clothes off because of her modeling with Victoria’s Secret..than learn a bit, if you’re saying It’s bad and slutty. Victoria’s Secret is sexy and classy and IS NOT trashy. I don’t know why children would be looking at her anyways, and if they are, so what. She’s not naked and she’s known for VS modeling which the “child” probably won’t even know or care for.

  • oscar

    The products are just but unfortunately the staff at David Jones were not familiar with the product and there was no accompanying literature about it. Hence I am on line trying to get more info. Anyway bought a couple of products to try and although a bit expensive as are most organic products they are great and I will buy more.

  • Jen

    Go to and anyone globally can buy MIranda’s products there and they truly are amazing. I have had bad skin for a long time (white pustles and blackheads) and since using the products (the foaming cleanser, Soothing night and day cream, eye gel my skin has cleared so much and I really haven’t been using it for that long. I couldn’t be happier. By the way, you don’t have to have “chemical” preservatives to preserve products – there are plenty of natural preservatives plus choosing the right packaging extends product shelf life.

  • Deb

    great to see organic cosmetics are becoming more popular. hopefully they will get less expensive over time. just wondering to anyone who knows – does organic necessarily mean cruelty free or do they still test on animals?

  • Sandra

    Miranda is a liar. Her skincare line is NOT 100% organic. One of the listed ingredients in her products is benzyl alcohol. Benzyl alcohol causes cancer and reproductive toxicity. How can this woman claim to be into health and then turn around and market a toxic product that causes disease? As usual it all comes down to the money. Miranda doesn’t care if she gives you a disease as long as she rakes in the dough. If you don’t believe me then I suggest you do your research on the ingredients listed in her products. It’s a shame that greed turns people into monsters. “The love of money is the root of all evil.”

    What you can do is save yourself a ton of money and simply buy a jar of organic extra-virgin coconut oil. I use this on my skin, hair and body and it works wonders. A jar will set you back only $8 and will last you well over a year!

    • Madison

      honestly I think it would be shorter to make a list of chemicals that DONT cause cancer these days.

  • Justise


    Miranda kerr is LYING about her KORA range being certified organic by ECOCERT, EcoCert have not heard anything from Miranda or Kora requesting to be certified organic, Miranda goes from saying that it is “in the process of being certified organic by ecocert” to even lying saying it IS ALREADY certified. ECOCERT will be contacting her to stop the claims she is making:

    For more? information and to see the emails from EcoCert with Miranda Kerr’s claims please click on the website or go to kerrazydotwordpressdotcom

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