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Move over Gwyneth Paltrow — there’s another actress coming online that wants to share her healthy, environmentally-friendly finds.

In conjunction with the release of her new book “The Kind Diet“, Alicia Silverstone is branching online with a new site called Hit it up currently, and you’re met with nothing more than a “Hellow” — but in an interview with EcoStiletto, Silverstone reveals her plans for the site — as well as some of her favorite brands. From the article,

“I created a website called to get people hooked on all my groovy latest finds—that will happen around the time of the book. I love Tammy Fender and Suki—those are my favorite skin care lines. Josie Maran lip gloss and eyeshadows [link]. Kiss My Face and Giovanni for shampoo. Desert Essence for conditioner—it smells so yummy! And Pharmacopia moisturizer. It’s all organic, except for a teeny bit of parabens. That’s my one naughty treat. I buy it like once a year. It’s smells so yummy! We have to all write to them so they’ll take the parabens out. I love Melissa [Plastic Dreams] shoes. And Stella McCartney. Melissa makes these two shoes that are so great. They’re these black slightly raised flats with an open toe. And a spider web gold shoe that is so awesome.”

I love the idea of Silverstone adding a website to go along with her new book — and I look forward to seeing some great recommendations as well. Look for The Kind Diet to officially launch on the 13th, and the website to follow somewhere around there. We’ll have a full review up shortly.

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  • Lisa Levin

    We love a great mention but just want to let you know that Pharmacopia is paraben-free! Still vegan too. We know Alicia loves it. She has been a fan since our early days when it contained some parabens. But, it has been paraben-free for a few years. Thanks Alicia!

    Lisa Levin
    CEO and Founder, Pharmacopia

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  • http://aol

    I’ve always toyed with eating healthy. I’m only on page 35 and I’m all pumped up about this but then I read these food replacements like Tempeh and seitan and I have no idea what they are or where to find them. Anyone have the same problems starting? Any suggestions?