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How would you change the world? That’s what George Clooney wants to know as part of a new campaign to get people involved in the next United Nations meeting. The 48-year-old actor, who is also a UN Messenger of Peace, is turning to Youtubers to deliver their thoughts on how to make the world a better and safer place. Videos are due by October 10th — and the 5 best will be chosen and their producers invited to attend the meeting, receive a special guided tour of UN Headquarters, have their photo taken with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, and receive VIP seating at the UN Day Concert, to be held on Friday 23 October.

Want to give it a shot? Jump here for details.

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  • AKT

    This his how he can help the World: he should speak out against abuses committed by Polanski. Otherwise, he is just one more coward afraid to loose his next multimillion dollar pay check. He should help expose the Hollywood Sex scandals against minors that go back to Chaplin, the industry that covers this up. Dafur is tragic to be sure, but it’s a lot harder to expose serious problems in ones own back yard.

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  • lee

    this is what a public icon should do! well done, Mr. Clooney! after all the chaos, suffer and tragedy, it’s time for everyone on this earth, regardless of the skin color, nationality and language to help’s great to have at least a man that try to bring forward the message. Good start!!!

  • Whoever…

    I think his heart is in the right place, but he’s being quite naive by believing the UN is trying to solve the problems our world is facing.

    Come on, the UN and most similar organizations were truly created to protect the interests of powerful and influential people and governments all over the world!

    If the IMF (and the likes of it) and the financial institutions of developed countries have trillions of dollars to bailout crooks and big corporations, why can’t they come up with the same amount of money to end wars, hunger and diseases?

    Maybe because they’re the ones that create all these problems in order to control us and make even more money.

    See for yourself and decide what you want to believe in:

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