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peta-chick-bleeds-ronaldPut on your fanciest chicken costume and get ready to party.

Word on the street is that the movers and shakers over at PETA are planning to dress up like chickens to protest a taping of The Jay Leno Show tomorrow in Burbank.

The animal rights organization is angry at Leno for supporting McDonlads — a company which PETA claims should adopt more humane chicken slaughter methods.

PETA member Amanda Fortino told City News Service that Leno should use his influence to “benefit the millions of frightened birds who end up as McNuggets.”

PETA members will arrive in their chicken suits at NBC Studios in Burbank at 3000 W. Alameda Ave. at 2:30 p.m. Check back for more updates as we learn them.


  • Kelsey

    This is great – what an eye-catching demo!

  • Erica

    Hey, at least no one’s naked. But how exactly does Jay Leno support McDonalds? Just by eating there? Millions of Americans do that, what makes him so special. Or does he send them money, or advocate for them?
    That being said, I don’t eat at McDonalds. Fast food alone is bad for the environment(at least McD’s stopped using styrofoam clamshells) the animals involved, and the health of the human race, but McDonald’s food is especially disgusting.
    I’m not sure any vegetarian on this site supports McDonald’s, but just incase they do- stay clear of the french fries! They are actually flavored with beef extract.

  • s

    i go there sometimes after school–its right across the street. but i had no idea about the fries! thanks, erica. no more fries, i promise!
    still, PETA needs to tone some of their stuff down. they’re a big reason why so many omnivores hate vegetarians. they think all vegetarians are crazy and militant and weird, which we’re not. i happen to thin vegetarians are very nice people, but then i might be biased…

  • steph

    Protesters in chicken suits protesting a comedy person…yeah…they jokes won’t be flying there…..

    way to give jay leno some ammo against Animal Rights

  • Meggan Anderson

    I was there as one of the “chickens!” LoL PETA was targeting Jay Leno, because he is starting an On-Air Promotion of McDonalds for a while! He could use his celebrity to help the animals but instead is banking off of them. PETA has a campaign right now against McDonalds and is asking the company to adopt more humane methods of slaughter for the BILLIONS of chickens that this resutrant ALONE kills each year!

    • Hina

      You’re awesome, Meggan! I’ve worn the cow and pig suits for PETA in DC.