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While most people arrested during an anti-mountaintop removal protest last June have pleaded guilty to the charges filed against them, Daryl Hannah is not one of them. In fact, it looks like she’ll be fighting the arrest come this November, when the trial against her is expected to commence.

Of course, this is probably some calculated thinking on her part. A movie star on trial? The media laps up such moments — and while this probably won’t be something that lasts more than a day, it gives Hannah yet another platform on which to express her views on mountaintop removal. The more people that know about this issue, the better.

More as we get it.

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  • s

    why was she arrested? i thought people are allowed to protest? if grown men with loaded guns can attend presidential events, why can’t a skinny little actress defend the environment? maybe i just didn’t get the whole story?

  • Whoever…

    This Lady has more guts in one finger than most men in their entire body!

    She’s absolutely amazing :)

    By the way, isn’t it peculiar that the people responsible for the worldwide financial crisis were never arrested and Daryl, who was just protesting against something she believes it’s wrong, was?

    What has become of the so called freedom of speech in the USA?
    Where’s the freedom in the USA?

    Maybe the American government (like most governments around the world, including ‘mine’) isn’t so different from china’s dictatorial regime…

    Why aren’t the polluters, the bankers who consciously created the financial crisis we are going through, the corrupted politicians, the fanatic religious leaders, and so on, arrested?

    Maybe because the entire system all over the world is rotten and corrupted.

    It’s time for a worldwide revolution!
    Either that or we will pay the price for our numbness, very soon!!

  • elandy2009

    And what happened with Daryl? Served time in jail? Is she on probation? The case is still open? I want the truth!