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mike-vickProving once more that reality television has an insatiable appetite for absurdity, BET recently announced that they will be giving Michael Vick his own reality television show, currently named The Michael Vick Project.

The show will be detail Vick’s comeback to the NFL as he attempts to clean his rather “bloody” public image.  About the new series, Vick says:

“I just want people to really get to know me as an individual. What I want to do is change the perception of me. I am a human being. I’ve made some mistakes in the past, and I wish it had never happened. But it’s not about how you fall, but about how you pick yourself up.”

What do you think about Vick’s new reality show? Will you watch the ex-dogfighter try and pick himself back up? Chime in and share your thoughts.

  • 1mikec

    This asshole should have NEVER been let back into sports!!
    What a great role model for kids!!!!
    Why is this even online—–you are as bad as he is

  • steph

    no i will not. just another “reward” for this murderer and animal abuser.

  • melly

    He doesn’t belong in the NFL anymore, so the show detailing his return to sports is incredibly disappointing.

  • VeggieTart

    Not only is there no god, but sometimes there is no justice in the world. At least it’s on BET and not network TV.

  • Shelly

    Oh BET – What a huge FAIL. That’s right, stick him on TV to teach kids that killing animals is okay as long as you say, “sorry”.

  • Ali

    I’m obviously in the minority here, but Michael Vick has an opportunity to help end dog fighting and if this show gets the message out the dog fighting is cruel and wrong, I’m all for it. Unfortunately, everyone wants to focus on the past.

    Yes, he did atrocious things to animals and he went to prison for it. And now he’s working with the Humane Society to educate dog fighters and help end the practice.

    Maybe those who don’t think that former dog fighters can change and have a positive impact on their community should listen to this recent edition of Fresh Air:

  • Hina

    This is so wrong. A reality show that will attempt to show how saintly Michael Vick really is? Oh, the poor guy, all he did was make a couple of mistakes and “accidentally” abuse innocent animals.

    The only way he could even attempt to fix his image would be to become active in AR. Like THAT is ever going to happen.

  • Kitty

    Hey kids! Tourture and maime and get your very own t.v. show. BET is a thuggish, trash network. Trash.

  • Georgina

    Nope. Do not care for Vick. I am still disappointed that he is playing with the NFL (way to go Goddell!), but there were also rumors that Nike had signed him back again…now a TV show? Alrighty then, let’s show everyone around the world the kind of prices you get when you do something as horrific and disgusting as what he did. YIPPEE!!!!!!!

  • deena

    Oh this is on BET? Figures. Yeah just keep on keeping on with that image and things will never change.

  • Nikki

    It seems as though Vick continues to be rewarded for being a sad excuse for a human being. When is karma going to make its way around to give Vick what he really deserves?

  • Allen

    They should do a reality show about the hardships that fight dogs are forced to endure. The puppies ripped apart as training tools for fight dogs. The psychotic and unsociable animals rescued from fight operations who are euthanized. The perpetually impregnated mothers in tiny cages forced to pump out pup after pup for sick people to use as tools. Why does this criminal get a show but his victims do not?

  • Whoever…


    “I just want people to really get to know me as an individual. What I want to do is change the perception of me. I am a human being.”

    Are you? Right now I’m not so convinced about that.
    What about explaining to people how wrong it is to torture dogs?

    This is just to clean up his image, nothing else!
    He blew the second chance he was given.

    I’m not an American so I will ask you guys the following: has he gone to communities where dogfighting occurs in order to put a stop to it?

    I’m guessing the answer is NO!

    I rest my case…

  • justin

    Michael vick made some bad choices and we all do, and yes dogfighting is wrong but we all should get another chance.this time vick has to prove that he is a better person by doing it and showing it.the reality show can help others and him to become better persons on all aspects,but it’s what vick wants out of life that will make him a better person.

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  • Ron

    If he wants to show he really understand the wrong he did, how about coming forth with names and locations to that more rings can be stopped? Or how about spending his time in communities to stop others from starting? Instead he’s out there focusing on his image and making more money. He makes me sick.

    Someone that can live with themselves when they know there’s something they can do but won’t I don’t consider a real human being.

    • Dee

      Everyone on this blog who is not a “Vegan” is a hypocrite. Do you eat Bacon, Eggs, Sausage, Beef, Chicken, meat of any kind. Well, Guess what it comes from animals. Some nations eat dogs the way that we eat chicken. People have pigs as pets, the same way others have dogs as pets. Be for REAL! WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE OR CRITICIZE THIS MAN? HYPOCRITES. LOOK AT THE MAN/WOMAN IN THE MIRROR.