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Megan Fox’s self-confessed “girl crush” Olivia Wilde covers this month’s issue of GQ magazine — as we’re happy to hear that her fine physique is due in part to her vegan diet. The 25-year-old actress, who plays “Dr. Remy ‘Thirteen’ Hadley” on the television drama HOUSE, recently told PEOPLE that the only time she breaks down for something with cheese in it is while watching The Godfather and craving pasta. Perhaps she would enjoy some Godfather organic vodka as well? More pics of Wilde’s shoot in GQ below.

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  • Jozelle Murray

    Irony of ironies I MUST pint out how even though if GQ knew she was a vegan or not I have no cluwe because on the magazine cover they have a promotion on “Where to find the best ribs, steaks, brugers and more….” Now the fact taht Ecorazzi didnt call GQ out on that one im surprised but to see someone who is Vegan on a major magazine cover is still great….even when shes a typical skinnier then though actress ha….

    • Michael d’Estries


      You are absolutely correct! The irony of the two is certainly worth noting. I must have been distracted.

    • gina

      with the clever headline “Meat You Can’t Beat”, no less. How charming.

  • Georgina

    Olivia is certainly hot, but i thought she ate fish!!!! Didn’t the razz report once that while she observes a strict diet every now and then she slips in some “fin?”

  • Natasha

    She’s not even vegan. If she occasionally “breaks down for something with cheese in it”, she isn’t vegan.

  • Whoever…

    Beautiful lady, as would be expected from a veg*an woman! :)

    Even if “she breaks down for something with cheese in it”, it’s better than not being a veg*an at all.

    Come on, no one is perfect!

  • You Know

    She also eats a hundred year old egg in the movie Fix, that is finally being released in NY next month (EGADS!), which begs the question: Can something be considered vegan if it was produced by an animal that died over one hundred years ago? I have to figure this out before my final verdict about whether she is vegan or not.

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  • Chrissy


    Olivia Wilde does promote an organic lifestyle, and has a mostly vegetarian diet, but she also eats fish sometimes.

  • STOP

    Stop portraying celebrities who are not vegan as vegans. You’re not helping the cause; you’re harming it.