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These days it seems like Alicia Silverstone just can’t stay out of the news — and we LOVE it that way! Silverstone’s new book — The Kind Diet – is creating mega buzz and helping to spread the word about food that’s good for your body, planet and conscience.

The actress turned author recently appeared on LX New York to teach the world how to make Candle 79‘s world famous Seitan Piccata — a dish that I’m absolutely obsessed with! On the show, Alicia tackles the stigma that sometimes comes with plant-based cuisine, explaining:

“I want to stop calling it vegan and vegetarian food — it’s just great food. When I put this in your mouth you’re gonna love it and you’re gonna be like ‘This is so yummy.’ So it’s just food for everyone, it just happens to be delicious and great for the planet too.”

Delicious and good for the planet? I’m in!

Check out the video below to learn how you can make Seitan Piccata at home. Of course you can always stop by Candle 79 and have their talented chefs prepare this delicious dish for you! Happy eating!

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  • VeggieTart

    I want the recipe for Candle Cafe’s Porcini-Crusted Seitan. That was goood!

  • SG

    I’ve only been vegetarian for 3 yrs and so I do remember eating meat . . . that seitan piccata is one of the most delicious things I have ever eaten.

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  • Penny

    Much better demo on

  • julia

    i want everyone to know this place and candle cafe uses glue traps and the owners encourage and demand that their employees stomp and kill mice and rats. this outrages me to know end. i am vegan for the animals!

  • Michael Parrish DuDell

    Hey Julia – While we certainly appreciate you chiming in, claims like the one you’ve made really should be justified with some sort of evidence. What proof have you for the above mentioned accusation?