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yvonne smith, maximYvonne Smith, otherwise known as “The Traveling Vegetarian”, has been named to Maxim Magazine’s “Hottest Girls On Facebook (Vol.2)” listing.

Smith, officially a vegan, won what appears to be a free photo shoot with the magazine and is posing, not surprisingly for the mag, in a bikini. Her website is a popular stop for vegans and vegetarians alike — filled with videos, recommendations on vegan products, and other inspiring and informative articles.

We think she looks gorgeous and congratulate her on the win! You can follow Yvonne on Twitter by hitting her up here or visit The Traveling Vegetarian site here.

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  • TravelingVeg

    The photo actually was taken by Eric England, a local Nashville photographer. Thank you so much, Ecorazzi, for the shout-out!

  • Maggie Harte

    Coming from a woman’s perspective, as well as an animal rights advocate, I find this offensive. Since when do we degrade ourselves as women in shameless self promotion and say it is in the name of promoting a cause? I am surprised that ecorazzi would bother congratulating someone that a) is not a celebrity and no one has ever heard of (has this publication lost its clout that they now congratulate nobodies for accomplishing nothing?) b) not shedding positive light on the cause, just herself. I am no longer a fan of what used to be a respected & fun source for green info.

    • Eve

      I bet your ugly or you wouldn’t care. She didn’t pose nude but rather dressed the same as one would visit a beach. I’ve seen worse on television. Get over it.

  • Dana

    From another woman’s perspective, I just want to congratulate Yvonne. I think it’s wonderful that you can show off your body – that is fueled by a plant based diet – and still look amazing! Wish I looked that good. Congrats again.

  • Maggie Harte

    Way to go ecorazzi! Apparently anyone who sent in a photo of themselves half naked made it in the gallery:

    She didn’t win anything except my and many other women’s disrespect. You might want to fact check from now on!

    • Fern

      Yes, but then she was selected to appear on the website from that gallery. Cry a river, Maggie — Yvonne looks beautiful and its great to see Ecorazzi promoting other people making a difference for this world other than celebrities. A mix of the two is nice.

    • Dana

      Please do not speak for anyone other than yourself. Getting upset at another woman who is in fact, vegan – someone supporting a cause many others criticize, is a waste of hostile energy. Vegans and vegetarians often times feel alienated enough as it is, we don’t need to start flaming each other. We need to stick together.
      Though you didn’t state you were a vegan, or even a vegetarian I may just be assuming things, but I still think it is important to support others who are doing well for society (her website is pretty nice!). She isn’t hurting anyone by posing for Maxim.

  • herwin

    maggie, only famous veggie persons are worth mentioning and congratulating ?
    “a woman in shameless selfpromotion saying its in the name of a cause “?
    my o mu >_< she is just a veggie individual with her veggie heart on the right place, having a cool veggie site, she isnt pretending to be Mother Terese.
    you say she didnt win anything except disrespect from you and many other women, but isnt it better to speak for yourself without claiming that your opinion represents the opinion of "many women" ?

  • hil

    I think her bikini is tasteful. I also think that Ecorazzi has supported other similarly themed blogs for as long as I can remember, and she seems to be a blogosphere celeb. Lastly, if I had her body I would wear a bikini 24/7!! That’s just this woman’s opinion.

  • Christy

    “degrade ourselves as women in shameless self promotion”
    What exactly is degrading about appearing in a men’s magazing? I am sure that Maxim magazing has degraded many a woman in the past. Further I know Maxim has degraded many a vulnerable group in the past (i.e. when they ran an article on converting lesbians). However, how does appearing in this magazing degrade herself as a woman? Is she degrating women because she is assisting a magazing that has degraded women in the past? That logic surely can’t fly because that would mean you could never help a thing change. Is she degrating women because she is in a bikini? A woman’s body is her body. Whether people subject her to stereotypcal lables does not mean she cannot wear what she wants to. Is she degrating women because she allows herself to be called “hot”? My god! Not “hot”! Please. If the article was “hot memebers of the lesser sex who you should feel free to take advantage of”, then yeah I would have a problem with that.

    “I am surprised that ecorazzi would bother congratulating someone that a) is not a celebrity”

    A celebrity is whomever we, consumers of media, make a celebrity. Just because you are rich, does not mean you are a celebrity. But we decided to make Paris Hilton one (apparently). Just because you are an actor, does not mean you are a celebrity. By 2000, Viggo Mortensen had stared in 34 movies. But you probably had not heard of him yet. A celebrity is by definition someone who gets media attention. Hence, Traveling Vegetarian is currently a “celebrity”. She may only be a celebrity for the preverbal 5 minutes, but a celebrity she is.

  • TravelingVeg

    I’m a fun-loving, happy, healthy vegan who promotes the cause in any way that I can. I’m proud of this photo and I enjoy shattering stereotypes about veganism. I can’t please everyone, but I can laugh at myself and know when to not take things too seriously.

    Thank you for all the supportive comments! :)

  • Sonia

    You go Traveling Veg! Don’t let people get you down because you’re a beautiful, intelligent, caring person. I’d honestly never heard of you til now. But trust that I will be a supporter and frequent visitor of your website. As was mentioned before, we as women and vegans/vegetarians have to stick together and support one another.

  • Erin @ RawFoodsRetreat

    I’ve worked in the Vegan industry for over 20 years and hadn’t heard of the traveling veg but certainly won’t forget her. I just added her as a friend on Facebook (We have nearly 200 friends in common) To see someone my age winning beauty contests over much younger non veg girls with nasty (classless) photos is refreshing! Her photos were tasteful and she appears to be quite well spoken and educated judging from the photos of her site. Oh and she’s also beautiful…

    There are going to be magazines like Maxim. There are also going to be contests like this one. Instead of putting them down why not change then? (If you can’t beat em’ join em’ right?) I’ve seen this done in several industries in the past (and maybe even done this myself in the past ;)

    For instance.. If you don’t like coffee shops on every corner maybe open a vegan one with organic coffee and healthy selections?

    Glad to see she took a contest that appeared to be pretty superficial with some pretty sad entries and turn it into a positive. Go Traveling Veg.

    Vegan Ocean-Retreat owner, Florida

  • Erin @ RawFoodsRetreat

    ps (want to test posting through Facebook account ;)

    Also maybe non healthy folks will be inspired by this to make healthier eating choices. You don’t have to be a meat eater (or in your 20’s) to look gorgeous!

    Quite refreshing.