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stellamccartneyIn just a few days, Stella McCartney will launch her new children’s line in the UK, France, Japan, United States and Canada.  Ecorazzi told you earlier this year that Stella had teamed up with Gap Kids and Baby Gap to design this much anticipated collection. McCartney recently told W magazine:

“Perfect little kids are not really very me. I wanted to have a bit of realness. When you’re talking about this kind of accessibility and children it’s really important that you feel comfortable throwing the lot of it in the washing machine and not being too precious with it.”

“To me, the fabric is so important, especially on a child, as they are so aware when things are scratchy.”

And just what sort of fabric will she use? Well, you can bet that there won’t be any leather or fur and that — priced reasonably from $14-$128 — it will be accessible for most families. Will you be buying Stella’s new collection for your favorite wee one? Chime in and let us know!


  • Sonia

    If she’s so concerned about using animal products why does she still use wool and silk in her clothing?

  • herwin

    i have never run into kids clothing made of fur or leather (except shoes, duh) and the price range doesnt seem that cheap to me. and whats the point in dressing your kids in designer clothes anyway.
    and sonia has a good point.
    and last but not least, not only kids are aware of the fabric, me too, i get scratchy once in a while and i belong to the fabric conscious.

  • lila

    finally, I’ve been waiting for her to do a children line for ages,I was worried about the prices but they seem to be reasonable.

  • Janice

    Don’t get me wrong, I support what Stella is doing and how she brings the issues to the table……but I’d suspect based on her adult line of clothing this isn’t priced for the working class, that the socks for the Gap Kids will be the $14 item and the pants/skirt/sweaters will be the $128 items.

  • bri

    if you can’t wait for baby clothing that is environmentally conscious, then check out
    you can find clothing for men, women, and babies. its super comfortable and trendy. i can’t get enough of pieces that ive already purchased!!

  • r4 ds

    As expected, Stella’s collections for the little ones will … hits stores in November. Hope so.

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  • BareBeliever

    I’m sorry, but a price range that goes up to $128 does NOT sound at all “reasonable” for children’s clothes.

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