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2009 VegNews Veggie Awards: We Steal A Sneak Peek At 12 Winners!

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It’s coming.

VegNews magazine has announced that their most anticipated issue of the year, The 2009 Veggie Awards, has been packed and shipped to readers. Of course, the real world is just to slow for us — so we managed to pull some strings, send in some vegan-powered ninjas, and sneak away with a partial list of the 2009 winners. (We also bribed Editor-in-Chief Joseph Connelly with some free cooking classes from Alicia Silverstone; but he has absolutely no idea that she has no absolutely idea of this arrangement.)

This year’s poll was the largest ever — with nearly 35,000 ballots cast in over 62 categories!

Without further ado, here are the 12 winning picks we have in hand. Subscribers will get to enjoy the full meal shortly! Check them out after the fold:

VegNews Reader Picks:

Favorite Bakery: Babycakes NYC
Ecorazzi Says: No brainer. Babycakes have been rocking our tastebuds since owner Erin McKenna dropped the vegan naughty nosh on unsuspecting dessert mavens three years ago. Yum. This year we wrote about them three times — from Martha Stewart’s most recent promo to W Magazine’s praise of the cookbook with the same name to actress Lake Bell saying, “You don’t know its vegan, it’s so good.”

Favorite Vegetarian Meat: California Veggie Burgers by Amy’s
Ecorazzi Says: A savory blend of grains, organic vegetables, mushrooms, and walnuts. We hear unicorns make it.

Favorite Condiment: Vegenaise
Ecorazzi Says: Managed to score an endorsement from Gwyneth Paltrow in her GOOP newsletter. Unfortunately, she probably uses it on her turkey sandwiches.

Favorite Veg-Friendly City: New York City
Ecorazzi Says: Feel like getting a few biodynamic cocktails at Counter and then heading uptown for some Seitan Piccata at Candle 79? On a tighter budget? Maybe just some hand-cut fries at Pommes Frites and some vegan ice cream at Lula’s or Stogo? If you’re VEG in the Big Apple you can bet on one thing: you’ll NEVER go hungry!

Favorite Podcast: Vegetarian Food for Thought
Ecorazzi Says: Sick of sucky, boring podcasts that leave you feeling underwhelmed? Vegetarian Food for Thought is a comprehensive vegan podcast that celebrates being VEG in a fun, fresh way. So what are you waiting for? Get out those earbuds and turn up the volume.

Favorite Celebrity: Ellen DeGeneres

Ecorazzi Says: We called this one back in June in our Top 5 Vegan Celebrities of 2009 — which was odd, because the year was only half-over and it would have been pretty embarrassing if she’d started taking diet tips from Hillary Swank.

VegNews Editor Picks:

Product of the Year: Daiya Cheese
Ecorazzi Says: Daiya Cheese is to vegans what crack is to junkies. One bite of this ooey-gooey cruelty-free alternative and you’ll swear it’s the real thing. I mean if it’s good enough for Ginnifer Goodwin, it’s good enough for us!

Website Launch of the Year: CrazySexyLife.com
Ecorazzi Says: No questions asked, Crazy Sexy Life has redefined the way we view wellness. Loaded with some awesome contributors (including Ecorazzi’s own Michael Parrish DuDell), a well-stocked online store and a vibrant community forum, CSL is your one stop shop for all things positive. Make sure you check it out today!

Scandal Breakers of the Year: Operation Pancake (Quarrygirl)
Ecorazzi Says: If there’s one thing that vegan restaurants in and around Los Angeles learned this year, it’s that you better damn well know what’s in your food. Quarrygirl put into motion one of the greatest investigative reports we’ve ever seen from a blog worthy of a 20/20 special.

Veg Event of the Year: Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale

Ecorazzi Says: What’s better than a bunch of yummy vegan baked goods? A bunch of yummy vegan baked goods raising money for some awesome causes. On June 20 through June 28, Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale encourages groups across the world to celebrate their VEG pride with a vegan bake sale to support animal causes. Tummies full and money raised? We like the way that sounds!

Best Celeb Comeback: Alicia Silverstone
Ecorazzi Says:
If you read the Razz on a regular basis, you know that we’re Alicia Silverstone CRAZY right now? This chick is back in action and ready to change the world! Grab a copy of her new book The Kind Diet and check out a behind the scenes look at her recent photo shoot.

Top Techie of the Year: Biz Stone
Ecorazzi Says: We love this co-founder of twitter and vegan activist for causing us to think in small, succinct sentences and expressing in 140 characters. (Just like that sentence! Damn, we’re good.)

Bonus! Click here to discover the 2009 Book of the Year!

Want to see the rest of the winners but haven’t yet subscribed to VegNews? You can pick up an advanced copy — or just celebrate year long with a subscription for a cheap $20.


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