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selena gomezJoining the likes of of Emma Watson, actress Selena Gomez is prepping a new fashion line for young girls that will debut late next year. The UNICEF Ambassador, who recently spent time in Ghana to help raise cash for children in poverty, plans to make the line as eco-friendly as possible. “I want the pieces that can be easy to dress up or down, and the fabrics being eco-friendly and organic are super important,” she said. “Also, the tags will all have some of my inspirational quotes on them. I’m just looking to send a good message.”

The collection, to be called Dream Out Loud, will be created in partnership with designer Tom Melillo and fashion businesswoman Sandra Campos. It will include dresses, floral tops, jeans, skirts, jackets, and accessories like hats and scarves. Hooray for more green fashion for tweens!

Check out photos of Selena at the 6th Annual Hollywood Style Awards below!

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  • Jess

    I am so happy for Selena Gomez. Shes on Wizards, now singing (great album), & now a clothing line ! She has not lost her way like the rest. She is simply the best :D Love you so much & hope to meet you one day. Haters back off, she has a lot of stuff on her mind & you would be the last thing she would worry about. Stay true to who you are & who you are is amazing :D

    • magz

      I totally agree, Selena Gomez is the best and she is a great role model. She is achieving everything she would like to achieve, and good on her! She is using her fame to give awareness to big issues in our world such as saving our environment and poverty. She is fantastic and I am a really big fan! Good luck Selena, and I hope to meet you some day! :D

  • r4

    In her latest role as fashion designer, Selena Gomez is dreaming loud. Hope her dreams come true.

  • safds

    OMG I Love The Idea Of Her Making Her Own Line I will Wear ALL OF HER STUFF!!!!

    • Asia

      Yeah I know!

  • BareBeliever

    I agree with all of the above – it’s is so heartwarming to see celebrities (especially young ones) use their popularity and loud voices to spread knowledge and speak about important issues. They not only inspire, but also encourage, society to act responsibly and help the community.

    My question is…. how eco-friendly is Selena’s cute black dress??? And where can I find it for myself?

  • aisha

    i think shes a great role model 4 all of us :) her sense of fashion is stunning !!! singer,actress, UNICEF Ambassador. I plan 2 follow in her footsteps

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  • ehmonkey

    Yeah! I totally agree with you! Selena is amazing! Love her XD
    I really like her collection, but there is a big problem with me: I live in Vietnam ToT

  • selena

    Thank you all for your support, especially fans! :)

    • dreamoutloudfan

      Selena is such a great person! she is sooooooo inspiring and is confident! she has accomplshed so much in her life and isn’t a snob about it! I am so happy she’s making a clothes line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEE her sense of style, i can’t wait for the line to come out!!!! thankyou Selena! :]

  • Asia

    I am so exited for Selena’s clothing line!
    I say every thing will look great and I want to look like her because
    her clothes look amazing!
    Selena I hope you read my comment!

  • elisa

    Selena’s clothing line is so amazing
    I really love her clothes !
    But there’s a BIG problem !!
    I live in Germany
    If selena reads my comment
    Please sell your clothing line in Germany too
    That would be so great

  • Mia