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Actress Persia White and Dr. Neal Barnard are pictured here celebrating at PCRM’s “Art of Compassion” pre-gala bash.  Other famous faces in attendance included Kathy Freston, Emily Deschanel, Rory Freedman, Jennifer Coolidge, Marilu Henner and many more. The Art of Compassion gala will mark PCRM’s 25th anniversary and will take place on April 10th in California. Wanna know more? Visit PCRM.org/Gala2010 to get your tickets!

  • http://www.pcrm.org/gala2010 Debbi

    Thank you Razzi for posting. The pre-gala event was so successful, the gala is 1/2 sold-out more than six months in advance!! We are so grateful people are supporting our important work. To view more pictures of the pre-gala event go to: http://www.flickr.com/photos/7867874@N02/ Thanks…

  • Eric

    For the other side of the equation, see http://www.PhysicianScam.com

    • http://www.plantpeacedaily.org JC

      For another part of the equation, what do these outstanding people know about animals that you don’t?

      *Neal Barnard MD, PCRM founder and president, vegan raised on family ranch
      *Howard Lyman, author of The Mad Cowboy, vegan raised on family farm
      *Michael Klapper MD, author and activist, vegan raised on family dairy farm
      *Matt Bear, founder of NonViolence United, vegan raised on family farm
      *T. Colin Campbell PhD, Author of The China Study, vegan raised on family dairy farm
      *Nathan Runkle, founder and executive director of Mercy for Animals, vegan raised on family farm

    • Anon

      Center for Consumer Freedom is a front for mega corporations whose only concern is the almighty dollar, not what is right, true, or just. They are also against Mothers Against Drunk Driving! Of course they are intimidated by not-for-profits whose only bottom line is promoting truth, public health, animal welfare, and environmental responsibility.