by Luke Warner
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The 22nd Annual Tokyo International Film Festival focused on ecology this year and welcomed their guests, including AVATAR’s Sigourney Weaver, Zoe Saldana and Sam Worthington (pictured), on a green carpet made of recycled plastic bottles.

Although there were over 100 films screened at the festival, the most controversial was definitely The Cove, the documentary about the slaughter of dolphins in a secluded bay in Japan.  It seems that the film was originally not slated to play at the fest but according to the AP, “festival organizers added it at the last minute in part because of pressure from overseas.”

Cove director Louie Psihoyo, an American, plans to attend his film’s sold-out screening on Wednesday in spite of threats from Japanese police to arrest him for previous counts of trespassing while surreptitiously filming the massacres.

We’ll be keeping an eye out on Wednesday to see what goes down.

  • herwin

    i was kinda afraid the movie would be a string of sad scenes killing dolphines that leaves the viewer rather depressed and feeling helpless.
    but i watched the trailer and its more a great epos between heroes (the Dolphin Defenders) and bad guys (the Dolphin Killers) filled with action that really lifts your spirit up and shows that when passionate people take action it really works.
    according to mr Rick O’Barry this year no dolphins have been killed yet, undoubtedly because of this new eco doc.
    i really gotta see this movie.
    here’s the trailer: