Sea Shepherd Ady Gil
by Michael dEstries
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At a fundraising event in Los Angeles on Saturday, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society unveiled their newest “ocean defense” vessel: the Ady Gil. Formerly known as Earthrace, the ship was renamed to honor the benefactor that helped the anti-whaling group acquire the ship.

“We’re very excited that the Ady Gil will be joining the Steve Irwin in Antarctica this campaign,” Captain Paul Watson said. “With these two ships, we will mount the most ambitious and aggressive effort to date to obstruct the slaughter of the whales in the Southern Ocean.”

We’ve been following the transformation of the Earthrace/Gil from a world-record holding speedboat to an anti-whaling vessel since it was rumored back in April that it would be joining the Sea Shepherd fleet. With the new paint job and a few additional high-tech goodies now installed, it looks like the ship is ready to join the Irwin for Operation Waltzing Matilda this December.

As expected, Watson made it clear that he intends to place the Gil in harms way — particularly as an “intercept and blocking” weapon against the Japanese fleet. Sounds like a risky game of “chicken” — but Ady Gil Captain Pete Bethune is ready for the challenge.”If they ever hit us with an explosive harpoon it’ll be massive damage,” he told Ecorazzi during the summer. “But certainly we’ll do our best to get in their way. If they hit us it will always be their guy that pulled the trigger — but hopefully things won’t come to that.”

Check out some new pics of the Ady Gil below:

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  • Joel

    This looks fantastic! Like something Batman would drive. Curious to know how it will fare in the rough seas of the South Atlantic though. Still, I’m hugely in favour of the creative reuse of vehicles.

    Th Swedes have done a great job with an old jumbo in Stockholm

    • Alistair

      Earthrace was built for rough weather. It holds the world record for the fastest powerboat to circle the globe. It is designed to go through (and under) waves rather than over them.

  • Joseph

    Too bad the Japanese aren’t actually doing anything illegal. And I really mean that, too bad. Sea Shepherd can ramble on about IWC moratoriums all they like but the truth of the matter is the IWC has no legal authority at all. Compliance is voluntary, the Japanese choose not to volunteer.

    That aside, I’m for them obstructing or otherwise getting in the way of the whalers, but if they pull shit like ramming, and sabotaging radar (Whale Wars shows how truly incompetent/insane these people are) , propellers, … then I hope the Japanese just shoot them.

    • SSVC

      There are actually 9 environmental laws (internationally recognised) the Japanese are breaking when whaling in the antarctic. Not to mention having armed vessels in Australian waters – despite how blase the Oz government is about that fact.

      And the Japanese signed the IWC moratorium, thus agreeing to a contract… what they do is an exploited loophole.

      • mickie

        yeah they found a loophole on the american mustang also, was wondering if they could just try extendze like the rest of the population? Eatting the mustang or whales isnt going to fix them.

    • richard

      Joseph, shut up, you are starting to sound as stupid as you look…

      Before making stupid comments like that make sure you know the facts…

      I hope some day your family gets harpooned and see how you feel about it!!!!


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  • Realist

    I used to support these guys because I believed in what they were doing. Until I met some of them in a bar. They were the most arrogant, entitled bunch of radicals who turned aggressive towards me (literally seconds after a hearty friendly hello) after learning where I lived. They’d obviously decided that it was a place where only where rich people lived, so I must have been an ass or something, and fair game for discrimination. I’d literally just met them, and seconds earlier told them that I supported their work.

    Seriously, absolute assholes. I find it kind of ironic how they treated me, given that this boat seems to have been donated by a rich benefactor. I hope it sinks on its maiden voyage.

    • Supporter

      Realist, please don’t taint all SSCS Volunteers with the one brush. Yes, as in every organisation or business there are a few people who are ‘out there’, arrogant and entitled, there are also the majority who work hard, are humble and keep the organisation going.
      I am very proud to be a part of an organisation that has integrity, guts, and most of all, the people behind the scenes are putting themselves on the line for something they believe in.
      I hope you can overcome the way they treated you, and know that we’re not all like that. :-)
      Peace x

    • don miguelo

      Maybe they were testing you, just a thought…

    • Frank Gilbert

      Looks like you got your wish.

  • John WOods

    Wow, that is one WAY kewl lookin boat!


  • http://. kay bason

    Being an old sailor I support Sea Shepherd but think this mean machine does give The Look of Holligans. Hope they don’t get rammed or mashed and wish they would come to New Zealand and help stop the poisoning of the waters with brodifacoum and 1080 being dropped by DOC. Safe journey.

    • http://xxx Nick Goff

      They are in auckland viaduct at the moment

  • John

    It may ‘look’ good, but how well does it perform. Note that there are no photos of it moving more than 2 miles per hour. The outriggers would prevent it from making turns without first slowing way down or stopping.

    This boat has been around for quite some time. I guess the owners are happy to get rid of it.

    • triskel

      Just youtube it, it goes 45 knots.

  • By-Tor the Snow Dog

    Great job in obtaining new eqiupment to help turn those bloody whalers into Sushi ! ( scientific research my arse )

    What is wrong with this world and these governments to allow such brutal acts of stupid human greed anyway ?

    ” Long Live The Whale “….and all other species that have been around millions of years before Homo-sapien scum.

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  • Seashepherd

    Realist you need a life check the japan harpoon ships need to be sunk

  • roberto

    WOW we sure have some interesting comments here!

    all i can say is i’m all for ‘doing what’s right’ whether or not it’s been brought into legislation or not

    by the time the bureaucrat actually *do anything* (tangible) and THOUSANDS more whales will perish – probably beyond recovery

    is that what you naysayers really what? (pause for a moment and *really* ponder that)

    if you had/have your way, the only place to show your children a whale will be in a book




  • Flipper

    Another potential fiasco for the Sea Shepherds. Rich benefactor has gazillions of dollars and they spend it on one overpriced fancy high tech boat? This is as poorly planned and ego-driven as most of the lame decisions they have made so far. God, these things are going to backfire on them. How many environmentalists are going to be wowed and impressed that they are floundering around in a stealth boat instead of doing something real?

    • Anon

      What is more real than directly interfering with mass slaughter? I suppose holding hands and making fliers would work better for you?

      Heck yeah a stealth boat is a useful tool against whalers.

      What direct action are YOU taking?


    Green my arse.

    How do they think this thing was built?

    How do they expect to POWER this thing? By pedal-action?

    How ironic. Do they even know that?

    How about Solar-powering this thing? – oh that’s right – it takes more energy to burn to make the pure silicon necessary to build panels that the carbon footprint is moot.

    What a bunch of turds these Sea monkeys are.

    • Anon

      … Because YOU drive an electric car made from recycled parts and are a vegan and your house is powered by solar energy and your water is 100% recycled and you own no leather and you’ve never bought anything made from an animal/fuel/third world country and have nothing wooden from a dying rain forest.

      Just shut up. At least they’re trying to do some good, not just complaining like some people.

      • Plotinus

        What good would that be? TERRORISM? Because HASSLING boats that float in legal waters is that.

        Why would you think I’m Vegan? I’m just not hypocritical nor living in irony. I eat meat, I think Gasoline was the best invention ever second to Electricity, and I love to FLY in a giant jet-engined fuel-tank plane. I definitely don’t go around the oceans telling some culture what to do with the food they’ve been hunting since the beginning of time.

    • don miguelo

      Can’t win, Don’t try– Got it!” –Bart Simpson

    • http://xxx Nick Goff

      Uraturd- How approriate, The round the world record holders powered the whole trip by Bio diesel. This is direct action to save whales. Support them by not using your car for a year as you seem to think you do more good.

      Havard uni did a study on PV silicon panels and the embedded energy they use in production is produced in less than 3 yrs. Are you a scientist I dont think so. then stop lecturing. Sometimes its better to be quiet and not let anyone know your an idiot Rather than opening it and confirming it!

      Go the Ady Gill god luck Pete, Larry etc

      • Jerimiah J

        I think you meant, “Sometimes it’s better ‘to keep your mouth shut’ and not let anyone know you’re an idiot, rather than opening it and proving it.”

        I agree with you on your rebuke of Uratard, but don’t insult someone else’s intelligence if you aren’t willing to use proper grammar.

  • timo

    nice boat and all but will it suport 12 meter waves?

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  • U.S Soldier

    japan is wrong in so maney ways

  • emily

    plotinus is very ignorant. clearly. he didnt understand your point. what a douche.

  • tribaljohn

    Go the Sea Sheppard. Saw my first whales the other day and will do anything to stop the slaughter. Great new boat. Give them heaps, guys, break their bank accounts.

  • newfie2

    If you visit different forums you will see that many people are more anti Paul Watson than they are pro whaling. There are many organizations that are protesting whale hunting and many of them are trying to do it legally by persuading people and governments to take up the Cause. Watson is doing it his way which is direct aggression and that is what turns people away from him. The man lies and manipulates people, even his own crews. As long as you agree with him you are tolerated, question him and you’re off the Xmas card list. And by the way, you will never see him risk his life doing anything, not even taking a ride in a zodiac. Instead he sits on the bridge with his puppets and bitches about the rest of the crew. Eventually someone will get seriously hurt because of him, no…why does he make the crew sign waivers not to sue him?

    • don miguelo

      Don’t the ends (saving whales) justify the means (taking risks)? I can understand having a personality conflict with Paul Watson, sure, but to say he should be any different, any other person would dilute his results. Why don’t you go do it your way and leave him to his (including the people crazy enough to sign waivers)? I concede being overly aggressive and confrontational is hardly ever the best approach, but there will always be someone who is doing it that way, for better or worse.

  • Philip

    Hunt Each Other and Leave The Whales, Wolves…actually leave all the non human animals alone.

  • squiz

    You people are idiots.
    I hope your piracy gets you all killed.

    Changing what people find acceptable is more likely to be effective than getting a couple of dumbasses in a toy blown up.

  • Christian

    The Ady Gil, or whatwas earthrace is proberly the most illsuited boat for this cause, they talk it up as having high speeds, sea shepard claim up to 50 knots, which is absolute crap anyone who has followed earthrace knows this aswell, try low to mid 30s it was designed for effienceny not top speed. and it is a composite hull with no ice rating, perfect for speeding around in frigid ice filled waters, what a joke. still im sure pete will have fun on his paid holiday.

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  • Whaly

    Ummm about the Ady Gil did anyone stop to think about this?

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  • Brent Marshall

    What a joke…obviously Ady Gil has been sucked in to pass his hard earnt money over to this looser, the only danger the Japanese will be will be from laughing to death at the prospect of this little bit of plastic causing them problems. I note that Bethune has already killed other fisherman going about their lawful business I guess he is hoping to succeed again!!

  • Brock Fann

    I have read a lot of good opinions here and alot of idiots.What is normal anyway and who are anybody to tell another country that has did something for thousands to change because YOU think its wrong is just unjust.Live your life.You cant stop a huge whaling boat in a couple feet.If they did intentionaly block the jap boat that was moving at a high rate of speed it just cant stop in time.As for it aimming for the aly.That is subjective for none of us are there to witness it.Soooo pull your panties out of your taints!!!!!What a waste of a beautiful boat and they are lucky noone was killed.PEACE,LOVE.

  • http://- rambo

    “If they hit us it will always be their guy that pulled the trigger — but hopefully things won’t come to that.”

    Well, that’s exactly what things came to at the end.

    It doesn’t matter who pulled the trigger if you put yourself in front of the bullet